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Doc Holliday
in a pearl suit ash hair blue-eyed and haggard at solitaire
know him
hes the killer isnt he I dont figure him friendly to a peace officer
you'll put locks on the door
Roll up, ash nice, I hit it twice
Real champagne life, my only vice
Bad girls in pearls that shit entice
Just name your price
a calloused hand
Is far better than a callous mind

I'm an Appalachian, I'm a Cripple Creek pearl
I'm a can to ash in, for the rest of the world

Another city
gon’ repeat the past?
Ain't learn from the burn,
Now we breathing ash,
Heart stopped almost dropped,
When I seen the app,
Bout to do my own thing 
of ashes, I know I found a pearl, found a pearl

The heat of summertime
We were fast and reckless and we were runnin' wild 
There was no one to touch us,
Order packs up by the ounce
That shit last about an hour
Corner backs I'm Melvin Blount
Ash my blunt and find the power
Bright bright light I never
you left, and trade your pearls for stone
You will wake to see the Phoenix rising up from ash and bone
Holding up a mirror, you can see what you've been
my seminar
Left school life hits hard
I can preach my words from Marge
Diamond pearls hit hard
Come through like a g6
Back on my black eyed pea ish
necklaces of pearls pearls
Trying for the best of both these worlds
Fuckin it up
I wanna get with a girl
Going to party it up while I'm young
You fucking left
the pact
Can't let the world collapse but for pearls and flash we burn it down to ash
As I ash my spliff thinking bout childhood memories
Watching pokemon
Pearl candy swirl
Grant your wish with this bumper kit
I turn the rugs rocky road
Leather chocolate chip
Three wheelin' slow round the stars
March madness
Cause you just a material girl
You want them diamonds and pearls, I know
Can't feel
Off these pills move slow
Hold you close and you
remains in an urn spread your ash in a dumpster like
You was trash in life, and trash on the mic
So back you go tobacco road, you don't really want smoke
Diamonds and pearls
Where will we go?
I guess it's all that we know (Can you hear me?)
Arrows and bows (It's much louder than before)
getting cash
Smoking hash and let it ash
Off a dime like Steve Nash
22 by my lower calf, see a hawk
We sqeeze and blast
(Ha ha ha) Fucking laugh
Shady more
I'm just tryna make it right
하지 말자 더는 waste time
I can give you the world 너 원하는 거만큼
these diamonds and pearls 
그 price 보다 많은 게 여기에
everything is
powder, china white, step-mother pearl
I'm out of weed, I'm losin my focus (focus)
Ash tray full of doobies and roaches (roaches)

In the parking lot
to the ash, it remindes me of the now and the past
I say a little prayer, cause eventually I'll stand in the path
Of the souls and dark rows that lead to rest
There's a neverending feast
And shoes with pearls their iron gates will rust
And out of this darkness we'll rush

Get up, get out, and fill the streets
High high high high
Let's get high
High high high high
Let's get high
High high high high
Let's get high
High high high high
Roll up
Twist n pearl
Get it
hide in the grass
And time moves fast
Had to find new paths
I'm the new Ash
I just gotta catch 'em all
Let your Light shine
So the flash can
home, call it Sinnoh
Piplup, how I meant to be the best
And I switch up, Ambi-Palmin' at your chest
Diamond, Pearl, Platinum
How I'm shining with the drip
some nerve to be speaking on my name
Like are you for real right now
Girl you make me wanna hurl
Acting all that
With them fake diamonds and pearls
that's left is ash
I'mma talk shit, on the girl you tryna smash
Throw down the gauntlet, your waifu is TRASH

Know your place you fuckin' simp, You be

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