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Angels targeted and shot from the sky
Served as source of narcissistic supply
Lured in by promises and pathologic lies

Idolise. Devalue. Discard

that it's chronic
Two-faced, the word's pathologic

The first lie you told me you're honest
The next lie, you hoped that I'd lose it
I lost count, it
them friends

Well I don't need you or your psychosis
I can get to crazy by myself
I don't need your point as though neurosis
Your pathologic tumble
baked I hit the fryer
Pathologic liar, compensatin' bitches loved prior
There's a snake in my boots, must've mistaken these desires
Fakes just want
Third eye still see everything, that's fly-by optics
You lie about everything, that's pathologic
Money on my mind now, making cash deposits
Two sets
mister nice, mister civilized
Faker than disguise, I cannot despise
I can't recognize, pathologic lies
They know mister nice, mister civilized
They know
just pathologic
You fuck boys are just useless
Only think of pussy your clueless
Ya'll dont know me im ruthless
Bring nothing to the table you bootless
what's going on

I saw a glimpse today, behind the curtains of this play
Synthetic drapes of our illusion
I try to understand the pathologic sins of man
this, for every Man
Has his own tolerance to radiation

Pathologic secrecy, how many men have died?
Radiation in the skies spreading Europe; Europe wide!
Gloomy Sex 

Pathologic behavior
Gloomy Sex
Violated corpses
Open tombs
Viscous putrit bodies and stinking
Gloomy Sex
Your cold bodies being invaded
of searching for the symbiosis among people in the same boat
Pathologic obsession with turning into ash
The hate is an acquired taste

Ich bin deutsch-Ich bin
Deep inside their armored vaults they keep your pathologic faults
It's hard to know your body when you don't know where it starts and the drugs end

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