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yet (Nah)
You can't stop yet

So until then I withdraw like an ATM
To escape the painfulness of interaction
It's a fact I'm not so sure what saneness is
let know body make you fold
Stay bold stay bold
Even tho we greatful still know that we dangerous
Hated us waited us painfulness changes us
Now we movin
When the night came
I try to mention
Every bad dream about you
It's so dangerous
It's painfulness
Like poison ivy

I'm losing my direction
Cause the coffee doesn't work
And the sun is a knife that only pierces my soul
So I close all the blinds to the let the painfulness go
So I lie back
Give me two minutes, at the most
It doesn't matter that you are the host

No stopping now, a blown fuse
For painfulness I have no use
I can't breathe
a new day

The memories that come back to me
The painfulness they bring they are guilty
But I don't feel it that bad this time
Because I know it's only in
don't hope for a change
That's a cry for help in an empty brain
Disconnected but still tuned in
To the painfulness is this a test?

I don't know
And if so
the brains the way to endure 

The painfulness of death 

Stiffening of your muscles 

But you cannot die 

Rigor mortis, settles in 

Rotting corpse,
as you tremble and shake.
One more turn and your teeth start to break.
Painfulness you can't dismiss,
when you resist the ruling fist.
The pear

We hide in basements
We wonder why
As ever hidden

The talk of others
We never cared
Just get me started

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