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Shout it out--Shout it out--Shout 

Water's flowing through my veins 
Nothing ever stays the same 
Through eyes that once were blind with passion
na na na na na
na na na na na

that's when you shout it out
shout it out shout it louder
shout it out(shout!), shout it louder
Wound throughout the woes,
Highest highs and lowest of lows
You chased the work around a roundabout
Mind outshouts your mouth
Thought so loud you
And damn i got blessings, my future so healthy
From being broke Now A nigga so wealthy

Outshout to my moms for creating the greatest
There's no
(Check it out y'all)	--> Big Daddy Kane

[ VERSE 1: Mos Def ]
Well it's the ill funk freaker, keynote speaker
To make a crowd jump up and outshout
(Young City) c-h-o-p-p-e-r, 

(Babs)(shout out)shout out to MTV baby,
shout out to MTV,
(top of respect) yo we stood on long ass lines yall
new chapter|Make the change today ||Don't be afraid|Kick off your day|Cause when you start you will work it out|Shout, everything will be just

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