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for judging and not taking my hand.
Running, from myself.

Cowardly is what I am.
Sympathize, with my beliefs.
You don't give a damn.
in witnesses
Ostracize you walk with for
To your head and then you run
Don't look back to
The homes of the brave

At night
Tear away
Kneel before he who has killed
And will kill again

I despise
a right to ostracize
Out of the woodwork art aficionados
Answer one question?

Where is the line? Where is the line?
Between your fashion and your mind
Checking what was going on in Syria and Lebanon 
A bad pride, bad bribe 

I'm going to criticize you and I hate to ostracize you 
What a bad
Seen a face I don't recognize
Making discord, turning my days sadder
Don't confuse the word ostracize
It'll make it fit more or disorganize matter
A fucking ingrate to the world. 
Are you content spewing lies that further ostracize the individual you were? 
Blue, blanketed in earth. That
a right to ostracize
Out of the woodwork, art aficionados
Answer one question

Where is the line? Where is the line?
Between your fashion and your mind
fear, ostracize 
With staring eyes, 
Right this wrong until it's near
Shuddering in disgust! 

No love,
No love, 
No love, 
No love, 
No love,
Ostracize us
So many died in a single breath
Sew our mouths shut
So many died in a single breath

the sand.
What has become of us? United in fear, divided by mistrust.
Taking what we feel we deserve. Motives hide like wolves in the herd.
Ostracize those
And they don't seem able to outstretch they hands and admit they fans
You better flame 'em in the J's that they standing in
Ostracize they memory for not
we won't monopolize with 'em
Let 'em ostracize, we don't compromise with 'em
We won't victimize with 'em, commit genocide with 'em
Spit their lies
not make new friends, you can ignore the ones you have
You can always ostracize yourself and you can forget how to laugh

Problems are all I create
to ostracize, him from the earth
Banish and exile the kid for a while
Throw him under my wing, and raise him like a child
But never lose stride, pace, or beat

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