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Of the planet

The planet is in opposition
All hail to the vortex

Hail! Hail! Hail!
Hail to the vortex
Stand up, it's time to rise
It's time for revenge, opposition must die
Chaos, violence, revolution now
We are the real rock 'n' roll underground
Serenades of oppositions
Absurdity, human fate and hope
True reflection of community
Procreation of the gods and lords

Procreation of the wicked
crows circle high
Waiting for brave men to die
They sense the coming of the tide
When opposition's swept aside

The fateful message reached us months
Failure is never an option
As long as we stand
As long as we've got something left to fight for
And we won't stop until there's no more opposition
the wall
Shaking out of anxious boredom
Can't wait to fly to regain composure in my life again
Somehow the opposition has been informed
Can't tolerate
I am a cobra 
A snake that is 
Reluctant to talk 
Or live on grass
Passing through electrical fences 
Uniform and opposition fade 

In evolutions design it will burn up
All obstacles
Changing opposition to a carnal ash
With vision godliness
It will take all you have held
Never trust a politician
It's been sung a million times before
And here's one more
Modern democracy is a smoking screen
the face of death
Oppression rules by bloodshed
No disguise can hide the evil
That stains the primitive sickle

Blood red

Growing opposition with
The falsehood of opposition
Becoming one's god and religion

Wheels of insanity spin yeah
The war of heaven
Forever calling
Your fighting yourself, against these same walls
Your own opposition, and you're at it again
In the mirror your hands clenched, it's fists against
for it
You gotta work out all night long

You gotta go for it against the opposition
Go for it if you want to win the race
Go for it it's really
There wouldn't be good without the vil
No wisdom without stupid people
Would there be fear if we could be immortal?
Welcome to the opposition
Twist your holy opposition
Twist the twisted box of people like this
I guess you're better thinking of
You knew that, easy as it was
Come on in
Twist your holy opposition
Twist the twisted box of people like this
I guess you're better thinking of
You knew that, easy as it was
Come on in
opposition getting in the act
If you make the wrong decision, when the final chips are down
The White House is the loneliest place in town
It gets lonely in
Sinister fields
Summon the weak
Blinding their eyes
Grinding the opposition

Untamble hate
Causing death
Forks of fire
Ripping the sight
Coup D'etat On A Global Scale
Opposition Locked Up In Jail
Domination The Goons Are
The Boss
Human Race Nailed To A Cross
down the
Take down the
Shake down the

Walls that divide the nations
Keep them in isolation
Segregate the populations
Beat down the opposition
So that we will not grow weary
In our battle against flesh and blood
God will prevail
Strengthen our feeble arms and our weak knees
So that we will
you ignore the weak and the poor. a violent opposition is at the door.
Death before dishonor
I'm taking this stand
Death before dishonor
I'm not alone in this struggle
Rising up against opposition

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