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Orbital 2 (Orbital) · Orbital [Japan] (Orbital) · Orbital [LP] [Bonus Track] (Orbital) · Orbital Mix, Vol. 4 (DJ Fernando) · Orbital 2 (Orbital) · Orbital [Bonus Track] (Orbital) · Orbital (Orbital) · Antidoto Orbital (Dildo)

never thought I'd ever get my feet this far
(Orbital Be-Bop)

Lyrics transcribed by Diego Vanegas
By a pool 
Of amber water 
A sticky smell 
Of carrion kind 
Integrates with nature slowly 
Green fields I offer you 
Snowy mountains in present
grow become the brightest
Lost in wisdom

We deteriorate it's one more day of dying
We deteriorate lost in orbitals
We deteriorate

Wait for truth
to think
Fluently fluid, subjectively in sync

Central ego, orbital estranged reality
The remainder of a dream enter the dead

Linguistic obstacles
passive ball
Jupiter, Jupiter: or-or-orbital
Jupiter, Jupiter: mass of gas and dammit
Jupiter, Jupiter: is pure, pure, pure, pure planet
It's pure
the dark rivers of the heart.
Lifeless drifting, in an orbital decay.
A vicious circle of extinction
The soul reaches the state oblivion

In blackness
sparking brain cells til they're sparkling 

No one knows the time passing by.

I remake my universe every time I use a verse 
To fulfill my destiny,
holdin' Christ
On a platinum chain, surrounded by ice
Sinister Cyrus, you can't deny this
Because the lightheads
Brokin' and tokin's been replaced by
Hieroglyphics, mathematical genius, predicting the orbital patterns of Venus
In the grass behind your grandpas wood barn
Complex designs drops seconds before

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