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[Chorus: Rick Ross (Dre)]
Designer jeans, and a hand full of dough (Yeah)
Bottle of the Jose, pass me some more
I got, more cars, more cars, more
[Chorus: Rick Ross (Dre)]
Designer jeans, and a hand full of dough (Yeah)
Bottle of the Jose, pass me some more
I got, more cars, more cars, more
Ladies you are now tuned into the very best

Sho' Nuff songs

Jazze Phizzle
Rick Ross
Let's go Daddy

Rick Rizzle


[Verse 1
Stranded on death row
Makavali's on the Maybach, kicks retro
She wanna gaze at the stars
Through a panoramic view, pull the haze out the jars

Rick Ross, I
[Intro: Mannie Fresh (Rick Ross)]
OK, I'm reloaded (Ain't expect this)
The homey, Elvis Freshly (Uh huh) and Rick Ross-teen (Nigga)
He Back (I see
They love they way I shine
This world is mine, all mine

[Rick Ross]
Up early in the morning, got gold in my eye
Got a 4-5 that'll leave a hole in
[Rick Ross (J. Holiday)]
You Might need a passport for this one
Its international
(And we got a special guess)
Guess who, boss!
[Intro: Lyfe Jennings] (Rick Ross talking)
It's my time (Rick Ross)
It's my time (Finna' lay back on this shit man)
(Dade County dope boy)
Lets take it down south (lets go)
Yayo, ross 
This is D- Block
This is D- Block 
This is D- Block 
This is D- Block DDDDD you know my name 

( rick
acts of violence
This goes deeper than rap shit
He's worth eight figures
So young niggas, boss up
I present to you, Rick Ross, the boss

crime homie, time for dyin' homie

[Chorus: x 2]

[Rick Ross] 
It's truly a miracle, that boy still a live
'Cause I was sellin' bo in '95
Lord knows I ain't perfect

[Rodney (Rick Ross)]
I'm only human
I'm only human
I'm a man, I make mistakes
I'ma make, I'ma make, I'ma make
bottles, gold bottles, never sober up
Ditch Jesus, In gold I Trust
I solemnly swear to wear my cross and stunt
Separate myself by sticking out just because
'm hanging up, I'm hiding, bye
Okay, m'am, how many shots did you hear?

I don't know, I don't know, but they're coming back. I'm hiding

"We're being told by
(feat. T-Pain, Trick Daddy, Rick Ross, Plies)

DJ Khaled We're The Best
Who We Nigga
We're The Best
The Winner I Represent The Ghetto Across
reload get ya face twist
Cartel cocaine by the cases (cases)
Cartel mo' cars then the races (races)
A-K's on a lear jet (g-4)
Rick Ross I'ma Real
Damn it feel good to be a hustler
Everyday I stay shining on you suckas'
Addicted to chasing dreams, live like kings
I'm a boss you can tell by my
open my mouth shit that's the sound
They go "Brra-Tat-Tat" so you betta watch out 

[Rick Ross] 
Bitch I got money too 
"Trilla" album comin' soon
boss buffing that pine as I'm peeling off

[Chorus: Rick Ross & Nelly]
They say you moving chickens right
I don't believe him
They say you got


[Rick Ross]
Ace I see you nigga
You m o b now nigga
You untouchable

[Rick Ross]
Big money in the dope hole
Rick's cousin
When they knew I wasn't, but I had no shame
Pa, you know the name, the Mos always had game
Back in the day of the Rap Attack
When brothers
of you gangstas, to the roughest Jamaicansg.


[Rick Ross]
If you balling physics, nigga money never flow,
Meaning every day I'm living,
Oscar winner keep acting
Like you don't hear the LORD calling one day He's gon' reek havoc
Ask the real Rick Ross
All that money can get lost
to that Boss
All my cars black on black except the one with big gloss
Got another white on white I call that ho rick Rick Ross (Ross) (Ha ha ha ha)
Slick when cats like solo Rick?
Accept, yet no chances that they make plans
To wreck and make a n****, break dance the record
I turned and learned this

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