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The Ominous Seapods  


This is the black that uncolors us
This is the face that you hide from
This is the mask that comes undone

I'm in us
I'm in us
now God bless me! bless you!
I cry from pain

Ominous communication
Ominous communication
Ah ah ah ah
Ominous communication
Ominous communication

Oh I've got to get away
From this town don't want to face
The ominous clouds

But not now

I've got to find a place
Be myself and learn

Oh I've got to get away
From this town don't want to face
The ominous clouds

But not now

I've got to find a place
Be myself and learn
the court deemed me to be offensive
i'm an ominous man

once love is unanimous
no order demands

i should be half a mile from here

the court deemed
Run that back Turbo

Two door Maybach, back to back
Four door Maybach black on black
Lifestyle ominous, whole chain cost a couple
and another city burns
Harvest all creation for its ominous returns
And well before dawn you color me gone

Moving on to the next after killing my prey
Sleeping giants soon awake
To lift the curse that has consumed
For my love, do this for you
The bridge
The skies look so ominous
A test of valour lies
the singing wind in an ominous silence

Water meadowlands and small shot for the ducks
He walks into the mud, moves aside the reeds
No clapping of wings, no
hasn't come yet

Oh the angels are calling
They've shot to the heart
Ominous frictions
Will tear us apart
And the villians of sorrow
Will always
vanquish mankind
The inception of ultra demise

Systematic elimination
Systematic elimination

Barbarous, genocide
Mutilate, withered lives, ominous
Looming, omnipresent
This task ahead, this task at hand
Ominous and daunting
Crippling undertaking, I'm frozen

Where to begin eludes me
A quantum supernova's blasting out

Then ominous skies materialize
And everybody dies!

Oh no! now holdin' your breath isn't going to bide you
Ominous nefarious completely insane
Doctor Butcher and his dungeon of death
Unorthodox therapies performed on the brain
Prolific practitioner
the velvet sinking, I betook myself to linking
Fancy unto fancy, thinking what this ominous bird of yore--
What this grim, ungainly, ghastly, gaunt,
Timing is everything and I'm falling behind
Open the flood gates of a downpourin' rain in my brain
Forecast is ominous, clouds of black
would your car say that to you?

Take any kind of warning sign, push the word 'warning' aside
Now it's like a fortune cookie but a bit more ominous
of me 
If someone's found a way to rise above
If I'm dissatisfied, I'll find a way to fight 
The ominous encroaching sense of doom
I'll find someone who's
on our own 
Dirt under the nails 
Crooked spines 
Welcome dread 
Faces in the lane 
Crystal clear
Ominous derangement 
In her brain 
One way
play alone
It's kind of sad
We are all going mad
Too many paths
On every page I read
An ominous cloud
Will cover the town
You'll see your king
ominous glow can not grow dull. You watch as we weep. 

You're glowing at the palms and you demand devotion. God is the razor and you are the crimson.
purge the world with cleansing winds of fire

I ride in thunder
Clad in smoke, an ominous wonder
With forceful roars
I shall quake the world 
and tear you
of lemon
The pride of heaven
So obvious to everyone but me
So ominous to everyone who could see
So why can't you see me?

Look into my watery eyes
It is all coming nearer
Still I crawl

Still in the dark

It's leaking from your soul
It's only rock

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