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don't want a life without respect 
Life without respect 

Feel there is no where that I fit 
No where that I fit 

I am a repeat offender 
I will
Don't lose your temper
In the shopping center, son
Just remember
The young offender's mum

All God's children snatch a handbag
Spot the ball and match
And we don't have to conform
Don't have to be a drunk
We can be so much more

Youth - youth offender,
Youth - youth offender,
Youth - youth
distance in the season of this slender hell
It's because of the need to live off one another
Go home young offender and stay undercover

We're busy
Habitual criminal offenders. No attorney wants to go near us. 
I gotta find him a lawyer, and I don't know what I'm gonna do... 

The D.A. was
Dear Parking Offender,
We have reviewed your appeal
Of the above-referenced citation
And found it not
Worth squat. 

Please remit the past-due
Rush out for long awaited offenders
Rush out for long awaited friends
We're not impressed with blinded herds
Nor with the way they dress
capital offender
I want to place in the sun
Before I'm twenty one
Maybe high in the Hollywood Hills
You want exclusive rights, to sell away my life
Curse the corpses, call in the futurists
This is the ballad of the young offenders
Leave no manifestos, save graffiti in the train yard
These legs
I'm stuck in ways of sadistic joy
My talent only goes as far as to annoy.
I'm on my way.

This is my main offender
This is what I've got and it
Got me
recidivists habitual criminal offenders
No attorney wants to go near us. 
I gotta find him a lawyer, and I don't know what I'm gonna do 
The D.A. Was Burger
I'm stuck in ways of sadistic joy
And my talent only goes as far as to annoy
I'm on my way
This is my
Main offender
This is what I've got
You the great pretenders,blood to paint your pictures
While you're stepping over fallen people lying in the streets
You the great offenders, only
You're staring at the atrocity vendor
A fucking equal-opportunity offender
Surge of power to [?] to control
For your own terror, watch the seeds
Of Ass kissing
Knock Knock
Mad Man
Main Offender
Oh Lord! When? How?
Some People Know All To Well How Bad Liquorice,
Or Any Candy For
and the lone offender 
With the gavel, striking down upon our crimes

The guilty running free, not a single thought of your grace 
Erring without a plea, in
An aspirationâ?¦
I'm on the ex-offender's list
I'm recommendedâ?¦

What am I?
What am I?

I kicked the virus from your silence
Good medicationâ?¦
I killed
With labels lapping up the catchy spunk 
Consumers surfing on a sea of punks 
There's a long list of offenders yet to see a judge 
I don't wanna
blame me
Don't blame me
Don't blame me
Don't blame me
Blame it on the studens religion too
Blame garry adams and paisley too
Blame young offenders out
O perfect redemption, the purchase of blood
To every believer the promise of God
The vilest offender who truly believes
That moment from Jesus
Holocaust - schmolocaust - First Amendment
I'm going to be a peaceful offender
No longer is the pen mightier than the sword
All the edge has been taken off
Rise, it’s more enough then
And let me entertain you
Blind, that’s why you laugh at
You hate me more than ever
You are my mind offender
You are
feel free to call
Our wheat fields await you all

We are the number one offender
Of specieism and yet
Here we are reaching out for aliens
to a hoax

So these chosen few are holy
Perpetuate fear
Til the guilt consumes me

Send your Pretender
Designed for one Empire
Erase the offenders

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