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and fill your mouth
It's suicide to run your life by I

There's hunger there is violence
People butchered for their beliefs
Someone else's tears don't
A noise quieter than a dying breath
Mirrors on the blank side of the paper
A need to control this suicide
Something I'll never quite understand
There the soldiers, in the sunlight
Kill the center of a man in endless suicide
By the night light, in forever sky
Is a holstered, bridled child
Suicide obsession in a world of betray
Taunted into silence and then bury the rage
Deep depression darkness fed, pull the trigger count the dead
into the void
Will I wake from this dream or drift into an episode of slaughter

Imprisoned by separate lives and separate souls
Will I wake or will
Global autopsy
Suicide warmonger's nation
Through death they seek eternity
Actions caused by religious madness
A war through thousands of years
(Take it all the way)

I see my demise
From behind your eyes
I can't pass you by
I give back to you

(Give it all away)
(Take it all the way)
Fashionable as suicide
Never thought it'd feel so real

These happy endings are just illusions
Dying every day that we go by
Here I'm stripped naked for
I'm the concrete leper sickness repulsion embodied 
But hear the sermon escaping my vermin mouth 
You might even stay with me in the dirt 
they stay in tha street
I'm only fuccin wit tha real niggaz, they playin fo keep
When tha streetz in yo whole blocc wit them 2
I'm old-skool ? play by
the cycle, break the silence 3, 2, 1 she's on the ground, 3, 2, 1 she
gets a beat down every 11 days in this country a woman is murdered by her husband,
gain your last dishonour, burst the sound of sorrow

Chosen victims, call suicide
My dimensions, commence to arise
Killing by shears, fills my
, suicide
Got one in the chamber
It's waitin' to take you right out tonight
Don't roll the dice, roll the dice, roll the dice
It's all on the table, it's all
can we see his grace
Yes I was wrong storing treasures in a mortal land
God help me so I won't fall again
Betrayed by the silence around the table

Episode: IX 

From Sage Daelun's "Chronicles of Antediluvia", volume XVIII:
Episode I: The Fall of the Shadow-King 
Episodes II & III:
Circle around the park 
Joining hands in silence 
Watch the evil black the sky 

The storm has ripped the shelter 
Of illusion from our brow
I used to pray for rescue by burning up my pain
That's the only kind of prayer I knew back then
It was a fire of desperation for any wings in flight
and your trainer,
I got a mail bomb for you, Mr Strong Arm.
Throw out the stones from all the cemetery homes,
For the violence of a nation gone by
Lurking among us, attracted by blood, hating the world for its
Love of a god, anciently ordered a soldier for death, stomping
On Christians
without running out of patience
Move in silence without running up in places
Cake by the layers
Rich but never famous
Hustle anonymous still remain nameless

Dear god
Is it suicide
I have never been a man of passions

I believe what the prophets said
That the oceans hold their dead
But at night
and you don't know how I did it
See every episode remains in this mode
Very cool, very calm, there's no sweat in my palm
I just pick up the mic, proceed wit
Thoughts of suicide
No conscience and no regret
Anger form the skies
The wall of silence starts to fall
I'm gonna go with pride
Piece by piece

Dear god
Is it suicide?
I have never been a man of passions

I believe what the prophets said
That the oceans hold their dead
But at night
Once beloved now lost forever
Wings of Angel torn by malignance

Why wasn't it me?
Living in a shadow of death
I wish it was a dream

I won't

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