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Yea, they sore to me
They don't need me, they trying to take more of me
Smoke some tree just to get me some normalcy
K.O.D. just to get me some normalcy
endings if I grasp
And cling to normalcy

Well I am halfway up Mount Normal
From here at least it looks that way
Because I notice in the newer eyes
A creative individual is seeking normalcy

The embarrassment and humiliation with every mocking
word is almost to much for her to bare
Captured breath, rescued me
Did I just call it normalcy, normalcy
Breathe for

Follow me, me in lost despair
Strings of song in, song in minor key
unshakable need, that unshakable need 
For normalcy, for normalcy
Run, run, running away
Run, run, running away

A cool day for July
Bus to the end of the line
This too shall pass
Waking up in lockdown
Normalcy is shot down
Living in a world driven by fear
Holding out so I can have you near
Waking up in lockdown
to learn

But I did circles round normalcy
And I tried to change Earth for the better
And I saw things that one should never see
And, yeah it's all because
separation but
Sharp knives
Those cries
I never, could never, would rather die

Take me away
From normalcy
I have been sleeping; you've awoken me
What I would
with it hopes and plans crash in defeat
And hope is a foggy and distant memory no hope for normalcy
Cling close to the legacy of loss and shards of life,
Fear of normalcy
Fear of the solid walls of our future and let go of my past

I must be crazy to want this
'Cause you are the girl of my dreams
fantasy football
I only listen to NPR on the radio
It's just bummer after bummer
I swear that it's fine
I need this taste of normalcy
the fire
Melting in a slow burn

If I just ignore what's in front of me
I guess I'll return to normalcy
Errors in my ways
Such a waste
Losing face
If you
away to isolate
So I’ve abandoned everything, I need to find a brand new way
Castaway, yeah, normalcy is passing me
Being saved is past its date, living
Define for me insanity
What the fuck is normalcy
We're living in hypocrisy
And breeding sociopathy

So out of body
So out of place
So out of mind
I won't be putting myself back
Maybe I'll meet someone that builds me up
Maybe we'll find some normalcy
Where we don't need to quarantine
Just tried to blend in
To the crowd tonight
But someone came in
To look inside
Goodnight, that life
Goodnight normalcy
Hello. What's your name?
in it daft by day
All my regality

What I look like chasing normalcy?
Bad romance with mediocrity
A normal stable deep committed people
I hate the way that nothing feels the same
I guess that normalcy's gone away
A shame
'Cause I wanna have a party
And I can't see my friends
Stuck in this quarantine
Trying to find a state of normalcy
All I know is I just wanna be free

Stuck indoors
Same old wooden floors
Nothing new
College life is not for me
Could you point me to the couch where I can sleep?
And we're just stray cats
Outliers on a normalcy graph
Our paws hit
have cross the minds of normal beings
Normalcy's a fucking boring thing
But I went the op route
Battered up receptors good 
Lessons learned on acid in
you had
Goodnight to the dreams of normalcy
Cause now you'll be forced to live a lie
The innocence you had is gone tonight
Somebody say oh...

I'm in
Corridors, my teeth grind
Speed my pace, lose my mind
I feel safe, never mind
Normalcy’s all I need
Streams flow by, I’m floating
the normalcy is fleeting
I can't believe in
The words I keep repeating to myself
Don't need anybody else to tell me now
Somehow I flowered through the rain

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