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Body good
You body good
Pretty little girl from Nollywood
Never illtreat you no
Never gonna give up on you
You know me good
Body good
You body good
and you changed my world
I feel so brand new
My Nigerian girl
It feels like Hollywood with you
It feels like Nollywood with you
It feels like Nollywood with
This one's for the fore-fathers

Ever felt like you're in a low budget Nollywood flick
And its a crap scene the Naija version
nollywood, Boy she sets all the rules
She are rude girl, she are pull up in a benz
She a bad gyal
She comes from the hood
Back in are the days
Demma think she
See. Because you ask me for help, I nor fit render
No mean say tomorrow you go get and I go com winder
Brah, life no b Nollywood, you gat to make
Steady acting holy like a Nollywood nun
You shot my birds out the sky but with no guns

Pills and portion 
Used to love to love to love ya
And pull the guns on us
We'd be shooting first
Oga act ka film
Oga adi ka nollywood
Na fa kponyelu gi
Fa ga enye gi Japanese
Fa ga a cover damages
Na fa
this time you were genevieving
All this time (Nollywood Nollywood Hollywood)

All this time you were genevieving hmmmmnh...

Oh my God I
up, he doin' ten up in the beast
He's short, he comin' home and she hyped for his release
Fly her to Hollywood, watch flicks from Nollywood
One day in Nollywood, the next day could be Cali
I dream on, cos your love fuels my desires
It quells my fire, helps to get me higher  
When herbs
got acne
If it ain't about the money, please don't try to contact me
Your mcm is calling me bro, wrong family
It's either Nollywood or hiphop, you
getting that yinging
Ask that man there he got bun
No, he’s dead you better run
Nollywood movie when these rappers talk about life if bad gets worse
I’m not
She don't get it
She don't get it
I call her miss understood
Gonna put my
Hands all over her body like an octopus 
I fell on the beat like
still dey owe kanayo 
This Life no balance but I stand gidigba
Na time e go take even wizkid wear okirika
If to say life Na nollywood I for don make am
aah aah aah aah aah

Like something out of nollywood the things i see everyday yet they say ko si owun tuntun labe orun mo
These days on television
Looking like Homer
When you talk simp
Call me Huey Griffin
On some evil shit
Feel like Rick not Morty
I'm a scientist
Mr. Nollywood
That lasgidi fit
Imagine anytime
I see you girl am feeling
Good and Kita m na ene GI ka Nollywood
Ijidego my feeling kuo mu high like the ceiling 
And for your love m tho
girls cause of their sound tracks (Ohh)
Do I know I ain't a races
So I do black and white like I'm nollywood flashbacks

I fuck ya'll ladies
a commotion
You, pull my emotion
Feels like a movie
A Nollywood movie
Royalty looking like a Wakandan Queen
Looking like a Wakandan Queen
A fine brown frame
Derrière l'épidémie
Hollywood Bollywood Nollywood
Industrie pro de cinéma satanique
Films séries musique émission
Qui attaquent ton subconscient
Jours et
like Agbani
Got a Nollywood chick but no time for the drama
Bought my wolves big arms like Traore adama
Sharp like katana you do not want wahala
kechalu igbo tinye jara
Na ihe ghasalu technology
Sorry technuzu
Oil and gas
Real estate
Import and export
Nollywood music
They tryna bury us but
The way I murder these
Rappers couldn't hang like dungarees
They just all mouth like Tonto D
But this ain't Nollywood
Cos I probably would
Mofe Damijo
Niggas wan dey act like e be Nollywood
Me I'm chill and making my moves like
Gats take off
Right there
Oh you think they really care

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