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tear a whole in your gristle
won't stay to state side 
'Cause the unpure fall off the fall by the way side
So stay your a** on the plate side
better not
Look at all this weight
No not this way
But if they ever fizzle to the Gristle
Blow the whistle,
On the swizzle its official
And we back
a gutter
Long Beach will get ya wets

The homey just whistled, gave us the signal
To act the fool with the pistols, pierce the gristle
One way out
sister's jewelry, take it, no more jingling
On the crazy down low take my mom's wedding ring
And float on to the shop called the pawn
And he gives me two
Don't walk, don't walk it says but he can't ride
Not while his only living relative's inside
Who couldn't pay his way and couldn't pay his fines
that's created by me
No escape from the blood running tree
What a drag, what a drag, what a FUCKING drag

run right from the street into the bathroom
Damn you with dirt and tears
Damn you for years and years
Damn you here's the vision
Damn you two incisions
Run your fingers through throbbing flesh
stars and hearin whistles
One shot from a little junky ass twenty-two will tear a whole in your gristle
won't stay to state side 
Cause the unpure fall
motherfucker on the chain gang 

Yeah I still slang my thangs like a G 
Really can I make your ass rest in peace? 
No need to waste my energy squabbin'
Hey, my name is not Protocol
And I ain't nobody's stigma or statistic
Hey, hey lady, you know who you are.
You think you helpin' me by insertin'
I'll be fine
Soon as I do my time in the Silver City

Two weeks and a day, I slowly made my way
To the gates of the Silver City
Finally one night, I
living by the book
We fill the jails in France, Uzes and Italy
Never do dirt in our own land
That shit's forbidden, G
Hoxha singing from the top
Straite, who are you...It's I.Q. ...taking 
These crews out by twos making moves to confuse....who could 
Refuse the 
Flave the way we shape it like
And last I'm ready for the worst
It's way past two and you want me there
Well he needs me here
So you have to share
I'm crying 'cause I'm in love with
the swell-a
Cos you can tell I gets biz like Markie
No matter what the weather son you never wanna spark me
I'm kickin rhymes and gettin mines on the regular
There's a land that is fairer than day 
And by faith we can see it afar 
For the Father waits over the way 
To prepare us a dwelling place there
[Buc Fifty: repeat 2X]
Born in fire built in this Empire
can't get no higher or stop my desire
Dark Riders, we be pullin all nighters
Never see us
[Originally performed by Mtrhead]
One arm bandit, one way ride
One arm bandit, one more try
One way ticket, one horse town
One way ticket, no way
words'll do to you
The effect of my tech's - it's similar to thermonuclear...war
This style is type militant raw
Holdin' the audience prisoner in ways ya
Let's throw a twilight cookout
We two, you two, no more
Way out somewhere in the country
Where we've never been before

Let's throw it
two by two, me and you

(If it don't take two)
If it don't take two
(If it don't take two)
If I'm not with you
No it ain't worth goin' through
If it
*eerie winds blow*
*winds die down as beat drops*

[inspectah deck]
It had to be this way
This is for real
Nobody said it would be easy
So let it be
condoms, 2 dice and 1 bag of dope
Ooh, Rev. ain't right, his church ain't right
Decon is a pimp, you could tell by his ice
Mother Parks said, "Brother
typhoon crossin the Pacific
Chosen by the mystic, mic ways, I rip it
Usurp it, sharp enough that it can hurt it
Depth wise, verse wise, ensurin that
Two brothers on their way
Two brothers on their way
Two brothers on their way
One wore blue, and one wore grey

One wore blue and one wore grey