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needing somebody
Depend upon me
We'll travel on this journey of life
Side by side

Everyday of my life, every valley I face
I know you'll always be
Well the talk on the street
Says you might go solo
A good friend of mine saw you leavin' by the back door

I need to know (I need
I was [?] as God is the witness, a crowdie bar when nobody could hear
Now I travel throw the world with no occasion
And I do, I do it all by my own
Pee pee cluck cluck Lara
Look at me
You should know that I love you
So why play it shy?
You know I love you
You I need you
You know I want you
One by one, the guests arrive
The guests are coming through
The open hearted many
The broken hearted few

And no one knows where the night is
to have you by my side
No way to never need a love so true
I know I'll never need to tell you goodbye
There's no way I'll never need you
Into thin air
(A painterly sky)
Into thin air
(Only us two)
Into thin air
(Lighter and new)

No one will ever know
No one will ever know
right by your side
I need your sweet heavy hand
My love's too strong to hide

Always lived a very quiet life
I ain't never done no wrong
Now I know
Text on 'read', and it ain't no accident
Boy, I ain't gon' ask again now you got me in my head
Waiting by the phone at night, that's shit that I
We all need somebody 
You know I need somebody 
No one has to feel alone 
We all need some love 
You know I need your love 
To break these chains
know that the time has arrived

Step by step
Don't you know I need you
Step by step
Yes I do girl

Step by step
Ooh baby, you're always
So glad you thought about it 
Sometimes we need to talk about it 
If there's a need please shout it 
I want there to be no doubt that 

can share mine

I know that I won't be the first one
Given you all this attention
Baby listen

I just need somebody to love
I-I don't need too much
is going
And no one knows why the wine is flowing
Oh, love I need you, I need you, I need you, I need you, oh
I need you now

One by the guests arrive
his friends guitar
That he played
Hm mm mm

He's never been in love
But he knows just what love is
He says never mind
And no one speaks

He thinks he
I don't need to go crazy
Runnin' round town til dawn
The last thing I need's a shoulder
To let my tears fall on
If you want to know the truth
two different worlds
Oh, it's two different worlds

No, I can't explain this emptiness
No, I know that I can't go on like this
Two different
Monday and Tuesday and Wednesday, yes that be two a day
Thursday and Friday and Saturday I need two a day
Sunday might take a break, by night I
be the one who gives

He won't do things that I know I should do

Sometimes I feel like Jekyll and Hyde
Two men are fighting a war inside
One gives,
I need to cry 

I need the emotion 
I need to feel each passing day go by 
I need the emotion 
I need to love so hard I don't know what
People think I'm on my own 
But I know that ain't true 

Don't shed no tears for me 
I'm happy this way 
To have loved and lost is better
seize the time x2
On the first day of my life I opened my eyes
Guess where with superstars surrounded by luxury-eagers
I need a prison I need a hot
I count my blessings,
To have that kind of love here by my side.
No matter what, we know we've got everything that we need,
Each mornin' we wake
Am I dreamin' or stupid?
I think I've been hit by cupid
But no one needs to know right now

I met a tall, dark and handsome man
And I've been busy
and true

I need you (i need you)
By my side (by my side)
And although we're going to fight sometimes
I need you (you know I need you)
By my side (you

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