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some bullets that so round
50 took a look at it and told me to slow down
Petey you need me nigga just holla and I got ya 
Throw on some frank sinatra
doin man? My name is Frankie Anto man
But my friends, they call me Frank B

Oh word man? Nice to meet you man

So yo man E, what you gettin into tonight
all the way around the fuckin' world

Black Frank Sinatra on yo' ass,

Q.B. Braveheart nigga...

[Verse 1]

Was classified as the bastard
Truthfully that's my Sunday wheel
And your wife, real nice, she my Sunday feel n****!
I got one day for her still OK for her
But by sunrise, I throwed her
buckle kids used to jock
Public Enemy came out, I had the clock
My favorite jam was by Big Daddy ain't no half steppa
My mic sounds nice check 1-2 by
I'm too big for my britches
Just when I am about to burn bridges
I think twice, cause Kid 'N Play are just too nice
And 2 hype tonight to bite
ain't easy (pimping ain't easy)
But hoeing ain't hard no (hoeing ain't hard no)
Baby you gon' have to hoe (hoe hoe hoe)
Or lady I'ma have to go (see
to die? You think you can fuck with them thug niggas? 
Come on, tell me the truth, nigga. Look in my eyes. Bitch, we get live. Bone thugs-n
pleasure. Check it out
It's real smooth

(Intro sample: I'm the Slime by Frank Zappa 1973 album Overnite Sensation)

I'm gonna blow your mind (best believe
cash for eighty seven
Some did it got paid, some jams were never played
But I am just a poet who watched the whole parade
Go by, and why, cause they
on the turntables
Ant Live I don't need you collectin the dough
And Little Daddy since you my brother
get yo' ass on in here
Cause we gettin ready to take things
the flavor with the because it pays
It's written by the groceries, or should I say the veggies
Come over here fair maiden, allow me to pull the wedgie
a hoe and I'll be fuckin that bitch by midnight (but see)
It ain't nuthin nice, shakin these niggaz like dice
I told you once, so I ain't sayin it twice
to Quit*
I'm not sleazy but I like it nice and easy
Ain't nuttin changed, I still wear my hair peasy
I like to dig it, that's how we done done dug it
outta luck baby girl born brighten up my
life a lot block still poppin old lady still drawn hataz still plottin (plottin) tryna take my life away it'n
Get a dick suck wit a gat in my hand
Bitch, it's thug passion
Chicks drive by in their whips
They be flashin
Do you know Bonic and Lib?
They be
the mutha fuckin' jack it's all good 'cause I'm drivng nice cars pretty soon 25 to life spent behind bars, a wicked sly's life , 'cause I'm a son of a gun I'm

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