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The Narrative  


it's narrative 
Nothing in place of catalysts 
And you'll never be pure again
positive or negative
Primitive or narrative she'd really have so much to give

She's caught up in a dreamworld of no participation
A fugitive from life
the narrative
This is your righteous lullaby
Conquer truth and you can derail the narrative
This is your righteous lullaby
Conquer truth and you can derail
Blinding light illuminates the scene
Try to fill "The Spaces In Between"

Arms entwined in a final pose
Narrative drawing to a close
Still remain
only weaken your cause
There's creeping hate if you resist the false narrative
Crushing all the dissenters who still think for them selves

If you
Embrace the senile genius
Watch him reinvent the wheel
I don't need your summary acts, 
Summary acts to give into the narrative age

The calendar year is an imperial narrative. The seven-day week is an imperial infliction. Circannual holidays are imperial flag-posts. Mechanical
avenues of light blue serenity turned red angrily thought provoking in a distant tense a perfect paragraph of broken narrative these dusty floors don't seem
A narrative framework
Another break with illusion
A cognitive fallacy
Imaginary reality
These are all lies
These are all lies
(taped narrative):
Awake at 5am
Mr Hughes was right in retrospect
He knew the climate
I was a farm hand in Ross County
Then he came
The Hurricane
the way we live
Convictions - not a narrative
Actions speak a little louder than words

Seen and not heard, seen and not heard
Sometimes God's
Life as just narrative, metadata in aggregate
Where the enigma of humanity's wrapped up finally
That as they say is that

Oh, that day can't come
For my narrative schemes
Show you distressing scenes
I'm gonna drag you from your bed onto the floor
By any means necessary
By any means necessary
a narrative leap through some sleight of hand
There will be buzz and heat when and if it's shown
But you won't need those where you're going
We won't need
what's left here.

Hungry wolves haunting me.
Gold fading on rooftops.
Handsome wings left to fade.

So it goes. the narrative is unending.
Death is
of the curtain 
All malice and power and scraps for the faithful
You can swallow crosses to the hilt, swallow narratives greased up with guilt 
But you can't
the sun
Claiming these streets for myself,

I am the unchanging narrative, I don't resolve neatly
And I am the unchained melody, the current
things be

Yes, you juggle things
'Cause you can't lose sight
Of the wretched story-line
It's the narrative that must go on
Until the end of time

I'm erasing myself from the narrative
Let future historians wonder how Eliza reacted when you broke her heart
You have torn it all apart, I'm
of the narrative
In the story they will write someday
Let this moment be the first chapter
Where you decide to stay
And I could be enough
And we could be enough
The decades that are hidden in the sidewalks
The narrative that naturally occurs
The everlasting wisdom of a sports bar
The poison that's mistaken for a cure
The narratives are so familiar
A crush too much for pen and paper
A misquote from a science book
I can't accept your explanation
Blind page, blank cheque
raining there again

My fury's rising faster than bus fares
Could someone clarify why
There's no structured narrative?
No neat storyline to explain
Cloning the new originals
Follow us for king land rituals

I am a spokesman for a derivative
Travelling salesman
Selling old narrative
True sounds

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