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new one form Tracy Chapman

My man Paris with a brand new album
Yossour N Dour, Black Uhuru, Living Color, Vinx, Foley
Chaka Kahn, Follow 4 Now, KRS One
in my abdomen
Camouflage fatigues, and daishikis
Somewhere in between N.W.A. and P.E.
I'm black like Steve Biko
Raised in the ghetto by the people
Where would we be without the sand and the sea?
Without a little help from the birds and the bees?
My family tree depends on the future of a plea,
night, after life, materialize
Look alike, stereotype, do or die, lullaby, black and white

Did somebody say a revolution?
Or is it all in my head?
by night, After light, Materialize,
Look alike, Stereotype, do or die, lullaby, black and white

Did somebody say a Revolution?
Or is it all in my
God it's sexy!)
This this step steppers come and steppers swingin
Most blacks back back-up what the hell we bringin
G-fine nearly singin, my rhythm hit
the party's lifted by the crew Hieroglyphics
Golly-wolly, not another Elvis and Priscilla
Ice is cool, but I can't stand Vanilla
Because he takes a style
kingdom will shive by fire.

The flag of hate, sons of perdition we arise us.
black souls against god's concept to slay you all.
In the forest
by my lonely
Waiting for the big homie to take these chains off me

I came from
A dream
That the black man dream is long ago
I’m actually
by a cannon of sin
Where we'll reluctantly let them in.

So can I lie in your grave, at the edge at the end of the world
Where I will sit with my
pile on dope jams
They spit on your flag and government
Cause help the black was a concept never meant
Nigga please, foodstamps and free cheese

Complexities break entities when hardcore be the factor
Physically shatter by the cause of the megacosm distractor
Fractured by my supernatural
and burn, so when I woke up by the fire hydrant
I would have to learn I gotta stop! or I would die in violence
But my environments left me with the vicious
patch with premies on my feet
I got a New York bop itchy index like a New York cop
Sick in whichever city my tour stops
So by the time I get home, I'll
The lost MC's which way to go 

So here's my rep, to those that slept 

And didn't get the first concept in depth 

I am the manifestation of study
which Philly cat doin' his own thing
Might say black my give you a code name
Round my neck see the microphone hang
Have your lady lips singin' like
of the black race that we are misplaced 

We're robbin' and killin', your own medicine you taste 

You built up a race on the concept of violence 

Now in
concepts at their hardest
Yo, cos I'm a teacher and Scott is a scholar
It ain't about money cause we all make dollars
That's why I walk with my head up
E.D., rock the mic and roll the blunt, ya dig?
Goal is to get Naughty by Nature
And blow up like when girls blow up my SkyPager
Make loot by the stacks -
Nice ]
I got a shitload of story tales in my sack
Please come in, hang your coat on the rag
While you at it, make my coffee black
So I can get
to be my trade
Drill more heat than Black Suede, I'm the sun
beamin on your dome when the shade is nowhere to be found
All you hear is the unreknowned
and talkin' 
Tryin' to show how black people are walkin 
But I don't walk this way to portray 
Or reinforce 
Stereotypes of today 
Like all my brothas
block lines
In text with mic checks
Chop MCs necks then say next
Every concept is a bomb threat
Feared by the pentagon, wear a center-bomb in a black
on the trigga
I was born a regular man of the Earth
With a curse to walk like a soldier since birth
My exterior is shaded in by my melanin
Stereotype of my
jersey, stay thirsty
Who am I? the mc!
Showin my authority, superiority
An artistic minority, now you startin me
'cause party philosophy can only be