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can be so nasty
In a cut throat war for popularity
A much more beautiful person
Than he'll ever know

Close your eyes and let time tick by
In this life,
The Terminal Tavern
By David Wilcox
Ah, what a beautiful place.
It is so lush and quiet in these walls.
It's a place where the sound really stands
an object or person
Can you rock a party without rehearsing?
I can, anytime, on the spot rhyme
Many recording artists can't do it, but I'm
More than just
made everything good and beautiful reflected in it shrink to almost
Nothing, and everything bad and ugly stand out more clearly than ever.

the street from Jerry's Bait shop
You know the place
Well anyway, back then life was going swell and everything was just peachy

Except, of course, for
Down like mad bulls, I was scared, much

More than usual, I felt easily squished
Like the earthworms crawling on a busy
Sidewalk after the rain; I
and more and more
I vote for so much more

I been feeling so down
I think they should know now
I think they should know what's up
That's that road I
namers split a brain and plant a taste for the King of kings. I know it's a strange concept.
Pedalin' redemption boy what more can I say make me
of the world it's beautiful
But there's no place to fall

For the record aye, I give a damn if I never said shit again
My career was meant for me to come
at pictures of Abe Lincoln and the great King
But the real picture's much more embarrassing
We're still not even close to really sharing things
The situation
as this my walking prison. 
Guarded by my life on a limb, mood swings 
Enjoy at my whim, take it for what it seems and much more. 
Must find maker, how
Verse 1

Baby Baby
Yes I love you baby
With all my heart and soul
And forever ill be yours
This love I have for you
Baby its real
Shows how much I
and the beautiful smell of her hair
Though gone physically, somehow it was still there
I had to do something, because the shit was too much to bear
So I went
see if Primark has space for a placement.’

Becky clears up from the lunch rush Crushed
By the blank eyes
Impolite customers thrusting
Their damp