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Now I come from, the Oakland town
Task force roll and rock, cold cracked down
Young brothers my age makin' dollars so long
Drive a brand new
a bronco

Runnin my own show
And pullin the look a like Marilyn Monroe hoes
And me and Bo got together
Made sense

Spent many nights in Mt. Clemens
Late night, Valhalla, roll it out the bible
914, every corner store got a nigga with the raw
Just bring your straw
Piff by the Oâ??s, pussy
gotta give it up to my homies in Brooklyn
Romeo Mt. Clemens to Metro Beat
From Huston, to L.A., back to Stoney Creek

Like I said, roll it up take
And relearn how to rock-n-roll 
Yes, the lessons are all around us and the truth is waiting there 
So it's time to pick through the rubble, clean the streets