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of the money-making committee
Heard them hating, they said that I'm dumb
But I ain't going nowhere, who're you kidding?
After my show, I got three hoes and I signed
Ya from, stung you with the lyrical artilary
Big rap money-making, please this place is for me
Like the E-Double said, "So Whatcha Saying?"
So get
and dancing on the stage,
But don't become controlled as their puppets.
You are crying and laughing on the stage,
But don't become their money-making machines.
True badman no cry
Some'll live and some'll die
Real man kill and don't say
Move in silence every day, every day

Money-making ability
That's where we wanna be
A place for you and me (you and me you and me)
Everybody could enjoy his own way like you and me
Take me back!Take me
throat, make no joke 

You're a money-making bastard and another has been 
Get off your ego trip and fuck-off the scene
I hate your guts 
Put your head
Money-making plans, pistol close at hand, swollen pockets
Let me introduce the topic, then we drop it
Expose snakes cause they breath freely, see
to the E
The money-making recipe

Oh yeah, it feels so good
To be back where we belong (Back where we belong)
Oh yeah, it feels so good
This is where
Pig Pen's got that back door closed
Just told me on the air
Just checked out the westbound
Road Hawk said she's clean
Looks like a money-making run
Spicy, pricey
Neck and wrist icy
Bitch it's money-making Megan, hoe, get like me
I rode it, a soldier, a hot girl, he want it, uh
Pull up in that
Pig Pen's got that back door closed
Just told me on the air
Just checked out the westbound
Road Hawk said she's clean
Looks like a money-making run
G-Unit is a money-making fountain
25 on my wrist, my chick in Christian Loubs'
Kick a nigga in the head, football, punt a nigga
Then stab a nigga quick
eloquent speaker 
Can be a catalyst 
To a great many money-making schemes 
Do remember this, undecided college majors 

I will ripple in the night sky 
money-making, a self-preservation
Exotic like a Haitian and I don't like waiting
Forever contemplating how work a fool will play it
It's got to get better,
addition, you gotta ask your Mrs for permission
I'm on a money-making mission, guard-gated subdivision

I'm in the NBA, you in the D3
You can't even make
the first time

Used to get by doing bidding for the man
Now enlightenment's come my way
Greedy money-making machines corrupt and violent
Time for NOYDIN
playing let me hop in that Oooey Gooey
Nah, jk shot goes out to JJ
Money-making jam, boys, everyday's a pay day
Money's getting long, summer is getting
on a money-making mission like a money making mitch
Bitches squeezing tig old bitties at my show I represent
Everybody wanna be seen but everybody aint working
If you
And your church members can’t even afford the school fee

These moneymaking organizations
Dem come put we Africans in total confusion

Yea so the taste
become their money-making machines.
You want to realize your dream on the stage, 
But the unfair competition breaks your dream.
squad eat and we still stay humble
The south side niggas be the craziest 
The money-making niggas who they labeled us
Now we get money on a whole nother
on stages
I'm fuckin outrageous
Go head and ask about me
Ran with every money-making idea
That I had since I was last in county
Judge called me a nuisance
All this money-making generating mimes and
I don't know if they can stop us
With an army up on top us 
But they'll tell me that it's pointless
Lookin' at the view, I'm sorry, I thought I would never make it
Everyday, these bitches hate but that don't stop the money-making
If you want it, go

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