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So you can breathe in what you want

Don't modify
Your special shade
Too many colors only mix to black
Don't modify
To what they say
Or colors
It's only me and my boys
Playing wrecks, making noise
Holding hands just for fun
While the record's spinning round

It modifies the inside of you
Hit it up and then you got jamslaps
Modify it and now you got jamslaps
The glitch is so blasé we on that jamslaps
Obscuring what we don't wanna see
Ils veulent qu'on soit menotté
Hors-la-loi l'17 nous veut alors nos plans seront modifiés (yeah)
Le canon est sur ton nez, faut qu'tu dises la
I modify my name, just the first
To fit in this lil' game, yeah

It's hard chilling with niggas 
Who only talk about bitches and never 'bout
to pay me! 
Why should I? 
Why should we pay for your mistake? 
To carry on. 
Modify your version so we can carry on. 
To carry on. 

To be
and you see ya 
something you don't want to 
you don't want to see ya 
la solita vita non modifica il mondo* 
[the same life doesn't modify
(That's all it is! and there's a lot of them) 
That modifies a verb, 
(Sometimes a verb and sometimes) 
It modifies an adjective, 
Or else another
Can't stop thinking 
That's all that matters 
Can't stop feeling 
And re-arranging 
That's all I'm thinking 

Modify as I levitate
Drown my liver in a pool of liquor it's true

Monetize my pain, and my hurt
Commodify my frame, do your work
Modify my name, just the first
Fly before you fall,
Little sparrow on the schoolyard wall.

So dress a little dangerous 
And modify your walk.
There's nothing wrong with
strugglin' tryin' to survive
Some wanna die I wanna stay alive, eyes on the prize
Let me modify this whole region
I declare this sucker duckin' season, give
magnify, lift it on high
Spit it Spotify to qualify a spot on His side
I cannot modify or ratify, my momma made me apple pies
Lullabies and alibis
Kept it gangsta 'til I modify 'em
Rockabye, rockabye

Feel the energy surge through my veins when I flow
Mentally, I can never be controlled
to modify the aforementioned dog. Let me get a little
Uh, visual aid . . .

Now she took the dog and she cleaned it up a little bit. You see, she took
hundred percent in
I put my pot in the paper
And modify your opinion
Trying to give them light and a message
But you rather have some fucking V.V.S's
percent in
I put my pot in the paper
And modify your opinion
I tried to give 'em light in a message
She said I'm charming and I meant it
Okay she was
no matter what 
Ted Koppel says on channel 4 tonight 

So modify this third rock from the sun 
By painting myriads of pictures 
With the colors
talkin' 'bout no shoes, monetary, nah
I'm talkin' modify your confidence and weary thoughts
Let me whisper in your ear and make your spirit fly
And just
Modify your energy so your bank and your skin glow
Max field let it fly
I be up in there a lot
Just to show you I don't care, go wear it to that
Walk in the club wit a bunch of thugs
Modify ya rings so they call it drugs
See a hundred girls, get a thousand hugs
One's in my ear talkin' bout her
to regulate or justify
Every time I see the world turns round I understand
We are not the ones to dominate or modify

We take control of our whole wide
tell, the well, just might run dry
Loss some tension of thoughts, modify and simplify

It go one, two, one-two-one-two
The good Lord knows just what
Once in a while for a change of pace,
Modify your style. Try on a new face.
There's a new toy in town, behind the big screen.
Take a short walk

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