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Well you're wrapped up in a blanket and you're staring at the floor
The conversation's moderated by the noisy streets below
I never wanna hurt you
Well you're wrapped up in a blanket and you're staring at the floor
The conversation's moderated by the noisy streets below
I never wanna hurt you
on the offbeat
I'll show you the way of a moderated heartbeat
Keep your pace on an antiquated timepiece
No one for show, but you're educated now you know
and sleep
Counting up sheep then making some beats
Drinking water so I'm hydrated
Feel like my life's being moderated
Not really even feeling motivated
But I
I stay moderated 
I keep it together
Them haters gown hate it
I keep it together 
I teach when I speak 
Cuz we need to know better
I hit a demon
alot of good, feelings was so moderated, my heart be super numb 
Ain't no body penetrate it
That be the reason am scared, dont wanna hurt you too
I just
complicate it
Arguing over little petty things I just can't tolerate it
Sure I believe love still exists but only if it's moderated
I'm not gonna snap
get nothing much from a moderated high
So maybe i took too much and i lost track of time, baby
You know me i'm always too gone so don't chase me cuz
given, if anyone's funny
They will start merkin' anyone's money
They say everything in moderation
But half of what moderated is fatal
It's up to you
The definitions of your vanity are moderated
So the concept of morality is confiscated
We live in a world filled up with hate theres no debating
Take a knee and elevate to ten
No alcohol to keep it moderated
It's OK if it's just now and then, yeah
Only serotonin makes me happy
Only melatonin
invert integrated 
Automation simulation moderated radiated fusion terminated 
Presidents relevance underwent malcontent showing discontent
To what extent
Taking the shot everytime
Clenching my destiny im 
Putting in work everyday 
Practically live in the dojo  
The master who mastered his fears 

I flex on my ex
Cause you know that I’m blessed
And I count up the check
And I earnt my cheque

On my moderated Discord server
All my members just
the more moderated movements that proceeded theirs,
They were absolutely unconcerned with splitting heads,
They fought for the rights and belief that they
the kids do understand
What he's about in this moderated land

But who's laughing now
And who's looking blank
Yeah who's laughing now
All the way
a mixtape
Bursting at the seams like a spit take
The mistake never tolerated
Callin me a wannabe I'm bouta be exonerated
Moderated only by the Father
beside you in the dark
With just the beating of your heart
I know the best of me is here with you

I've learned that good things should be moderated

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