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Pablo Pablo
Started from the bottom now we sitting on top flo
Ball like Rondo 
My flow priceless just like Picasso
Young Leonardo Van Gogh 
Mobbed up
popped for real, niggas get mobbed for real, get bloody like cot
For real, got muddy like drop for real, my nigga you not for real
I'm on the block for
the town like some Goodfellas
Rockin' all black for the Universe, Mobbed up, Lets keep the violence
We only honor that code of silence, Leave pennies over
Walk out
Get mobbed
Everybody tryna see me
I don't want to flaunt
Now they put me on the T.V.
They saying I'm the one
Know that I've been in my bag
know we hopped out
Mobbed out, opps out, we gon' show what we about
All my niggas really gang bang, talk that damn slang
Rap about it, do the same
all goes tomorrow and they foreclose 
On the house and auction off all my cars
Don't cry for me Argentina
I mobbed in the Beamer
Took trips abroad,
all goes tomorrow and they foreclose 
On the house and auction off all my cars
Don't cry for me Argentina
I mobbed in the Beamer
Took trips abroad,
Flocka in the mobbed out fusion
Ma'am, your son tweets me one more time I'll lose it
I just bought a Nerf gun and I ain't afraid to use it
They be like
so whos up right now
We be spending money cuz we hot right now
Your girly acting flirty on my cock right now
And we all Mobbed up that is my sound
don't take that likely
Out the window with a Big Mac like I'm iced tea
And I'm with the same niggas that I mobbed with
Them my brothers, like my family
a nigga doing good but I'm tryna get more
See me in the spot and the shit mobbed out with every nigga I know
And I can see you hating cuz you niggas just
beyond the pale
Stupid as it is I'm all for faith
But best believe you better give 'em an inch not
You're not finna get lynch mobbed
That's all I'm saying
Neck game from that bitch
Nigga my flow game untouchable like Im mobbed up in this bitch
I'm too hot man I'm combustible trying to blow up in this
All the suits get scared
When they see us mobbed up, standin fists in the air
Ain't enough cops in the city
On my Cyrus, promise they ain't really
You can get robbed, you can get stopped, or you can get chopped

Oh nah, Say what, you ain't wanna get cut, you ain't want no blood 

(What?) are
bitch you cappin'
Bitch we ridin' dirty in that drop top
All black foreign squad mobbed up
Bad lil shorty make that pussy pop
Opps try to press us, let
going Bizzerk
Pillow talking for the info
Mobbed out with my kinfolk
100 Drum on the draco
Candy paint coming down slow
Niggas want all of em won't pay me
gold chain
Like I'm in the dope game
So heat, so flame
Bitch I do my own thang
(Bitch I do my own thang)

Mobbed out lookin' like a G
See me
need uhuhu
I gave her what she need
She doubt down she went K’s
I copped her a reese
She doubt down she get pleased
She mobbed to her keys I
She walked
Piss on your grave, piss on your grave
Piss on your grave, nigga behave, nigga behave, nigga behave

Us niggas, we can't behave
We mobbed on the pave
we cleansing, it's all about the Benjamins, what
If it's dirty then we rincing it off
You niggas don't give a fuck, mobbed up in h2s
Niggas is
not pussy
I've been gettin' it in, you can't overlook me
I'm mobbed up, the whole squad tough
No Limit, Money Mafia
We get it, we get it, these niggas
like you.
Just for kicks he
Mobbed her, robbed her,
Shishkebabbed her,
Dropped her from a
Gagged her, bound her,
Buzzards found her.
up beside me, give me the thumbs up
I turn the beat up like "That's what up"
Hah, studio tone, yadadamean
Got us mobbed out, smacking like magazine

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