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(Steve: I don't know Woody.
 Are you sure you've got this think hooked up right?
Woody: Listen man, music is my life.
Steve: Alright. Two, three,
and the daily crime seemed to drip away the bomb
Steve felt he was missing that, and got tired of hanging home
He came home late from work and just stood by
Written by Kim Wilde & Steve Byrd
They said "stick with your own kind
You`re out of your depth
Think you`ve had it bad so far
You`re not finished
'cause last night just by chance,
I saw you and ivan kissing

Jealousy rose up right
From it's hole
Just when I had it all under control

(Steve Wilkinson/Lawrence Corky Lang/John Heaton/William Wallace)

You called me by her name again
Thinking I was her again
When's this ever
your boy Steve McNair

Don't make the good girls go bad
Don't make the good girls go bad
You don't really love her
Please don't do it

is a warning...

You're surrounded by bombs planned by The Terrorists
And take notes: we never miss
Let my people go, god damn it, let them go
Before I
imposters give you a bowl of superstition
It’s GOD over Money honey, the New Edition
I make my peace by bathing beneath the crucifixion
While they Judas
o'clock, told E-Roc, the whole block 
And what not, about, how men are spottin he said 
"This little homey gets bread like flossin 
You ain't Steve
head for Feds that's on some bailing
Have you ever heard of a murder beiing committed with a house of plants
I must do smart to ever get cought, know my