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Keep our distance
Too under formed to grace the sublime

Flatter to deceive
Building art house cosmetics
Like a mismatched prosthetic
Like a mismatched
the fuck is the money, let me get that
Everything designer, but it's mismatched 
Where that Reese money 'cause we need that
And see you on your block but
thinks she knows it all
But she don't, she don't

You could say we're a little mismatched
A little bit different
But nothin says it better than
You're the only lock that's made to fit my key

Many parts an' many hearts
Been mismatched before
Still, they make delivery
Some folks send 'em back
and unwind
Yes it's time to pay the fiddler and today's the day the thirsty someones do
For the rest of all my days I wonder why the maker mismatched me
a scar
A diary of an innocent mind
Decipher these words
Mixed paraphrase catastrophe

This meaning mismatched
Feeling of rejection
A world held together
and its thorns as a building blueprint is drawn.

Bicycle stalemates sit chained to railings
Mismatched patterns of oxidized marriages
And rattled bones
to catch,
I wouldn't want you to miss it,
But there's something so mismatched,
Some motive inexplicit...
Is it the call of the Convent?

You only wanted
the first weeks of class
She did everything to try and fit in
But the others they couldn't seem to get past
All the things that mismatched on the surface
Only fools get gold
They, show you, films of old places
It's alright
Mismatched stay
You like mismatched socks with polka dots
You like your pizza cold, I think that's hot
You like to swim at night when the moon is full
You think
You never speak but I can hear you as you sing out
From your mismatched eyes
They are the eyes (they are the eyes)
They are the eyes, I will
I see the feathers that infringe your heart
I see the blood ooze from around the dart
Cupid spites the sense that keeps two
Mismatched souls apart
So don't give me a job, you prejudice swine

So what if I wear mismatched monkey boots
Pajama bottoms and a suit made of poison ivy
For 6 million
Bumper shook loose, chrome keeps scrapin'
Mis-matched tires, and my white walls flakin'
Hit mickey-d's, Maharaji starts to bug
He ate
show proof we's as real as you
Needing a roof, some shoes, dolla bills and food
Two from The Dirty met with mismatched skin
Acknowledged first that
cats ain't got nothin for me 

Red and blue mismatched shoe, abandoned your Wu-Wear bandana 

Play you Vegas type hoes silly, like Dantana 

Grain on Draco look like Woody (Toy Story)
Got no plaques but my shows packed
Louis, 'Venchy, I'm mismatched
I can't lose, play to win, bet on me, I'm
to demonstrate
Emergency dispatch, skyscrapers rip back
From the impact, their flow is mismatched
My style's protected by heat shields and ceramics
to demonstrate
Emergency dispatch, skyscrapers rip back
From the impact, their flow is mismatched
My style's protected by heat shields and ceramics
can be
Can't help thinking of the mystery
That I shared in my first love,
Like a pair of mismatched gloves
And now you've found your way into my world
his neck scratched, to catch flack
Sweat jackets and dress slacks, mismatched
On his breath's Jack, he's a sex addict
And she just wants to exact
to die for
Can you even imagine a death in the fam from industrial fandom?
Anyway, no body count no concert and Chris kicked rocks in his mismatched

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