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a man, and close your mealy-mouth!"

But the person underneath
Where does he go?
Does he slide by
and shut your mealy mouth
Dial a cliche, dial a cliche

But the person underneath, where does he go?
Does he slide by the wayside or just die?
And you
Fried, it's drier! 
No, the clergy is really
Too coarse and too mealy! 
Then actor, 
That's compacter! 
Yes, and always arrives
Jagged fires mark the picket lines
The politicians weep
And mealy-mouthed
Through corridors of power on tip-toe creep.
Come and see bureaucracy
Drop dead!

Those words
Tight-lipped and mealy-mouthed
It wasn't hard to realize that they were lies
Judging from the flies you've attracted
knew is moving away from me
(And all that I know is blowing
Like tumbleweed)

And the mealy worms
In the brine will burn
In a salty pyre
Charismatic, a trapped rabbit
Carpet beetle, huhu grub
Rice weevil, flatworm
Mealy bug, field cricket
Grass grub, caterpillar
Head louse, utopia
check your faith and sleep with love the modern way
Now is that love, Christianity has nothing for me

This Jerusalemic holy ground is only fit for mealy
that the kind and gentle are subjected to violence and riducule?
How is it that the small and mealy-minded have gained so much power?
What perversion

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