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Enfermedad en nuestro tiempo
Para esconder los sentimientos
Al salir, la gente usa máscaras
Cubre así el rostro del miedo

Las hay de amor y de
someone to take care of ya
All you're ever losin' is a little mascara
A little mascara
A little mascara

Afternoon, things are quiet 
Settle back now
someone to take care of ya
All you're ever losin' is a little mascara
A little mascara
A little mascara

Afternoon, things are quiet 
Settle back now
daddies, mommy why don't I?

And so I wear waterproof mascara
There's things you shouldn't see when you're a kid
Thank God they make waterproof mascara
and now I'm losing control
Can't stand when nothing feels right
Lost my balance and now

Losing control

one will remember a thing

But now, now
I still don't understand how

I've got last night's mascara still on my face
I kinda knew that there'd be
Gayle! Come clean up this throw-up

There's lipstick on his pickup 
There's mascara on the wheels
I looked inside the glove box 
And I found
Riots in airports - everywhere that we go
Mascara meltdown - hysteria-a-go-go
Electric Guitars !

Grander than Castles, Cathedrals or stars
Sunday dress hanging on the bedroom door
Empty bottle of wine on the hardwood floor
Last night, he said she was the one
Oh, but men and mascara
Leve sem esforço
O rascunho e o esboço
Da prancheta de Deus direto pra mim

Sem máscara, sem vergonha
De boa sem cerimônia
Desbocada e atrevida
inside me and he wants to get out

Mascara tears, bitter and black
A spent bullet drilled a hole in my back
Salt for the memory, black for
I ain't gonna get dressed up, just to be your clown
Ain't gonna paint this pretty face, like you paint the town
I ain't wastin' good mascara, just

Tira essa máscara
Cara a cara, cara a cara, cara a cara
Quero ver você
No trio elétrico rico
Rico, rico, rico, rico, rico desendoidecer
Broad old woman
What goes on behind your mascara'd eyes?
Broad old woman,
I know you tried this world
Once or twice for size
Tell your story,
MÁSCARAS \n \n Vem depressa, meu Senhor \n Tira as máscaras dos meus inimigos \n Cobre-me com Teu amor \n Desaponta os que contendem comigo \n \n
Cyclops woman got one eye in her head 
Mascara clotted vision she is fed 
Cyclops woman can't see nothing at all 
She got a pin prick spiral hole
One day you'll see
It was wrong to leave me
I light a candle in your memory
Turn off the lights and cry myself to sleep

My mascara's running
into the flames if they don't know any names
Of the principles of Arte Povera
Or are unfamiliar with le serpent mascara
That's right mascara snake!!!
How can I grasp you power?
I'm sittin' here lookin' at this key chain
And you, uh

There's mascara bleeding out of your eyes
The microphone is in
back to sleep
Stay up and watch the door with me
Watch me too much mascara
Runs when you sleep
He lies awake
Raising the creeps
Opens the door
buena cara

No dejes que te engañe
No dejes que te apañe
Quítale la máscara y el antifaz
Que habrá detrás de su antifaz?
Bajo su piel, qué es lo que
Honey, mascara your eyebrow and come with me
We're gonna step into highbrow society
Doin' the platinum plated sophisticated swing

There'll be
Si las cosas hablaran
Te contaría la soledad
Y el llanto oculto
En mi máscara de piel

La noche se vuelve un rostro
Y envuelve en
I want a gown of diamonds
Long gloves and sweet perfumes
Hats made of silks and satins
Seaqueens and ostrich plums
I want to wear mascara
Polish my

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