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For the love of money
For the love of money
For the love of money
For the love of money

Thats what mammon is all about trying to convince you that
I am Mammon
I have got your mind
Gimme all your vicious greed
I am Mammon
I have got your soul
No honesty, just follow my lead

You sell your private

Yeah, he makes the world go around
When you're down, he's the clown
Turn that frown to a DOW
And the market to a cow
See, we
and then you're sold
Now you're in Mammon's hold

Dollar signs are in your eyes
Is nothing in your head?
Don't know what your counting on
Can't spend it when
Lick the crumbs off the floor

Life is cheap, 
your soul on sale

It's the oldest trick in the book
Have the poorest fighting over
In dollars, pounds and cents

In the temple that was Mammon's
You were ordained the parish priest
Yes you may win this coming battle
In dollars, pounds and cents

In the temple that was Mammon's
You were ordained the parish priest
Yes you may win this coming battle
with a money dance to drop and lock it
Yeah I got a plug
You might know him, diamonds and wealth, he's a demon, goes by Mammon
I might sell him all my
and take a looksie
I bet you never knew we have a prison for the demons too
Oh Mammon's gonna love when I speak of a gig past due
The pop's is gonna flip
Ek speel die note sag
Maar julle offer steeds vir mammon
In die kerke van die nag

Wat is die reëls van julle godsdiens
Wat is die wette van julle
of the sun
Rises in sea level, look out Mammon's bastard son
Infidels are praying at the stock exchange
Chrome camels are crashing on the smooth terrain
och era sår
Begåvade små barn i stadens kör
Dom sjunger tindrande servilt så alla hör
Dom sjunger sånger om ett ljus i vintertid,
medan mammon i sin
ser hur Mammon står och nickar.

Samma rädda-dig-själv-monolog. Samma "Älska på eget bevåg".
Så länge Mammon rycker fram med sitt partiprogram så är jag
tids ideal
Pumpa skrot och knarka dig smal
Läppar och bröst av silikon
Blekta tänder och le som ett fån

sure that I die

Your name became Judas the moment I helped you
Should've just let it all lie
If Mammon's the reason for killing your hero
Choke on your
Problem is that I would be in danger, too

There's a guy who needs his time to make decisions
But time is cash, Mammon's hungry for your sacrifice
looking for a reason just to go around screaming
When we're seeing demons, way to many demons
Mammon to my left, Satan to my right
We go in the night, we
a brick in Mammons wall
be sure to break away before the clarion call

I sail the lake of fire and paint the world in blood
Just so I can hire,
within to be set free

Minted politicians do not know
We're in this world the poor have to go

Riding on their magic carpets
Servants of mammon everyone
the mammon's weight
But hiding in that mind is an attempt at heaven's gate

All I've found in this foreign land leads me to believe that I'm awake
All I've found
Got to give it to me
Got to take it away
Got to be my way
Got to make it mine

Undermining influence
To strip you of your wealth
exploiting the earth with our shovels and picks 
For Mammon's sake, science is denied 

Whilst humble folk's condemned to rot 
Our mother's got gangbanged by
a means to an end

One day Mammon came to town
Carting his silver machine
Said go home boys your work here is done
Welcome our steam powered queen

We have raised our Profits above the Lord
Now Mammon’s holy duty only beckons us towards
Corporeal rewards
Act your wage
Wagering our fortunes for

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