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We came and we conquered, they praying to poppa
They claiming they want to, they really don't want to
You ain't maiming a monster so don't bother
It's killing me, Maiming youth
How long will we be free
Hand in the pocket other's over our eyes
This one dishonest, that one just lies
Path we're on,
and shooting, maiming and destruction

Life is one beautiful road we have to cross
Unu better hear me say
Life is one beautiful road we have to cross

Life is one
I still hate you
You still hate me
We keep raging
But things ain't changing
We still straining 
Still keep maiming
We still raging
But things ain't
As we destroy the world 
Turn it into a heap of shit
As we destroy the world 
Our fecal playing ground
Below the superfortress
A symphony of destruction
The terror
The M-69
The killzone is a death row
30 seconds
To incinerate, obliterate
And maiming in its path 

Burn, even their souls will burn, even their souls  

To cinder and ash 
Fat-boy collides in time
Is My Epiphany
Decaying Tapistry
Peeling To My Satisfaction
My Collection
Closer To Completion

Gutting And Slashing
Maiming And Hacking
This feeling won't leave me
I need to relieve thee
By maiming and hilling this bitch In total secrecy
From some dark place
In my soul comes a new
watches flash in the sunlight
As into the battle we are all led

Killer, killer, keep your thoughts at bay
Maiming, destroying, every single day
got a care in the world
Kidnapping your kid, maiming your mom, and airing your girl
And like, you ain't got a care in the world
I'm hopeless
maiming, hacking, pounding

Blood soaks the ground
In their own, they will drown
Surrounded by disgust
Pounded into dust

Battle rages on
maiming, hacking, pounding

Blood soaks the ground
In their own, they will drown
Surrounded by disgust
Pounded into dust

Battle rages on
heisters and racist pricks
Trevor, looted the place as well as maiming Chris
Left a permanent scar on his face the same as his
With a, razor blade yeah
ending here
Terribly maiming your corpse
Rotting pieces here and there

The loss of your life is now a fact
Dead, eternal hell, awaits
Rotting soul
Into the progress of
Oblivion we march
To death, we swear allegiance
Hand held over heart

Killing, maiming, taking
All because we can
No one has
Poisoned blades take control
Maiming throats of the dead, venom

Dripping down the dreadful blade
A heater smashing the skulls, shielding
Cracking blows,
of torture
Psychological executions
Post-mortem physical punishment

The mummification of bodily hollows
Acts of maiming
The funereal embalmment process
on me first

Dream it
Dream big, start aiming
Get a pen write a song in my neck called "maiming"
All your hopes and your dreams are gonna happen to us
My messy mental mending maiming and shaming my enemies
Inside his name my victories and remedies and my identity
What they think they doing between
A litany of lyrical limericks
Lies within me
They bring me, Meaning
I'm not maiming the population, maybe....
Nah they just hate me
Hurl hate speech
It won't
young soul how the devil was deceiving
Every night we chanted 'Hail Marys' and 'The Lord's Prayer'
But Bible stories was fascinating
Kings maiming babies
You disgust me
I will enjoy maiming you
Turning your putrid vessel into my malevolent embodiment of flesh 
Succumb to the temptation 
And begin
of flesh, entangled extacy 

Tearing and maiming 
Creating and painting 
Your flesh false apart 
Your torment my art 

Breathless, in awe 
Of this statue

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