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your magnetosphere

So why run away from you?
I always do
But you're so magnetic
You pull me in
I'll run away

Why do you like me here?
I'm never over
The sun is far away from here
Dead core, no more magnetosphere
The atmosphere has disappeared
The solar wind has stripped it clear

Fallow is what I
holes are created in the sun and the black sun breaks apart
Coronal mass ejection comes, even the solid magnetosphere cannot stand

At the end of time,
the weather of space

Magnetosphere disrupts
The humans are fucked
Earth's field is open, particles approaching
The electrical grid has broken
High, some positron
Speeding ion
Cruising along
Low, down inward flow
Negative glow
Now, what's going on
Motive, unclear
the magnetosphere
Take my hand as the lights draw us near
As we leave, try not to grind the gears
Come with me and we’ll go down to the park
There’s a milkman selling
God's mouth sealed back in 69 by synthetic magnetosphere. Sublimate ammonia from asteroids. We cleave from our pressurised containment. Left
Mars, Mars, Mars, Mars
Ain't enough magnetosphere
There's only a place where I wanna go!
I'm gonna head right to Uranus

Uranus, Uranus
Coz I'm
the magnetosphere is breaking?
Most of us down here lying down for years
Sleeping the night away
Some of us tries but never survives
Stay up whole night and day

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