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introduce myself
My peeps call me Dilla
Known to write and produce myself
Also I'm a pimp by nature
Worked hard though
Ball more than the NBA does, it's

Cutting thru the traffic, limousine inspector gadget
Rari taller than bin laden, harvard scale by fitzpatrick
Have you seen his backyard,
checker board
My lecture is Lecter, your texture is pocket protector
With techniques I take off your sector
Inspector Gadget with the ratchet
Bitch won
before niggaz learned gun fool
Yeah +Run+, D.M.C.'s were original
Now we got pretty thugs, and sore criminals
I remember hip-hop, not dominated by visual
from my cock I don't feel shit
So check me the original joe pesky freak the sexy
I got more gadgets than the inspector, go-go jet-skis
Then swoop

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