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"I wanna score goals"
The coach said, "Buddy, remember your role
The fast guys get paid, they shoot, they score
Protect them, Buddy, that's what
I saw her Sunday
Down by the breakers
She drove right by me
I was stunned to realize
That she was riding with
That dime-a-dozen guy
There's a girl passing by

No, I think it's a guy

And a homeless man who only wants
to buy something to eat!
And all you sightings up there in the sky
	Feel free to drop in anytime
	Anytime you're just kinda passin' by
	And you get the urge that you want to see
door is sunnin' in the nude
I got those mean old subdivision blues
But I bought my house because it was located near a school
Now a bus comes by
on walton and state. she's babs up and down on belmont right by the train. he's buddy and his wife in uptown, by the aragon, he's andy selling streetwise
even when she drunk off the tonic gin
Wastin fifty cents in the phone, it took two calls
After conversation, blue balls
Lookin for a way to release this
They done showed up to squoosh my head, but I was saved by this guy they
Well they call him Mojo's dad cause he's a screaming lunatic
Blue Cyclone, Oooh

Well my wife went out of town 'bout a year or so back
And left me at home by myself to batch,
And after five straight nights
Me and my buddy got us a wild hair
And figured we wanted to go somewhere
So we loaded up in my ragtop Chevrolet
We had a little bit of money
getting ready to leave 
When somebody grabbed old Jim by the sleeve 
And this good looking girl was asking my buddy to dance

I said Jim don't do it
In the black bucket hearse with the rusty grill a chrome
Pickin' up the homies, we get em one by one
If you ain't psychopathic ryda boy you cannot
Give me it now, I'm not the guy you want to piss off
By any means, I get what I want and I want it all

Rock with me, guitar please 
I’m egotistical,
at least when rabbit tried this he was fucking poor as dirt
but me standing here in my fucking Ralph Lauren
surrounded by a collapsing crowd

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