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here on these old roads
All them ol' country boys
There's Kenny Rogers an' Charley Pride
Mel Tillis, Moe Bandy
Mickey Gilly, Boxcar Willie
Traveling by stereo its suspension time in space
Your best, your worst 
As you journey through the system you define 
Body and mind
Yeah that's the way we
I'm sitting by the side of a river 
Underneath the pale blue sky 
I've got no need to worry, I'm in no hurry 
I'm looking at the world go by
Battleaxe vengeance, attendance grows at every show
Doin' songs with Planet Asia, smashin' stereos 
Hi-fidelity, pride in my energy 
It's 3
beauty like Cinderella's man
But I'm no Prince Charming I form my share a folk
Hanging my own self, bad decisions prepare the rope
Strangled by pride