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Listen to the Beatles and the sound of laughing Ed McMahon, we got high
Educated by a world so full of self and lost in space, too much pride
They call this world the lion's den
Don't ask us why

We're lost in space
Will time remember me
We're lost in space
Will time remember, time
Walk the streets

The villagers
You can't get lost you can't get lost
In the village of space you can't get lost
Space monkey, space monkey
What you doing out there?
Why it's dark as a dungeon way up in the air

Come gather round me you little monkeys
Sometimes... by, deceives... in a world
... pictures are in a place and space... 
... that's first to... covers... in the air
That's a... time
May I please remain in this space
For darts screech by my desires
May I please remain in this space
For darts screech by my desires

Art thou
A pond portrays mirage.
Which mirrors deep space - deep space
I dive again into pleasures
By taking myself to the pond

I perceive the place
In this place, filled with empty space
Your love holds the key, baby sympathize with me
I need you

Before I lost, your touch of life and grace
Years of fear were in her way
Lost in space and down she came
Suddenly some subtle entity, some cosmic energy, brushed her like shadows
place to crawl, no space to fall

A moment of clarity
Devoured by purity
Voices swallowed by hunger
As death shines brighter
All images drowned in
Here we are nowhere
Surrounded by space
Angels of legends
Have taken our place

We had deliverance
The moment passed
These lost disciples
Are leading
attack mac
If you change you're mind by what's inside a girl

watch what you wish for
Watch what you wish for

what are you like
When you're lost you make
amnesia carries us away
This feeling has no switch, this absence has no sway
The space falls in, the space falls out
The space comes in, the space goes
When I saw that space ship
Shaped like a heart
The years went by
Just like a shot
I was way too busy
Growing up - I was datin' girls
So I forgot -
engine, Do people
Buy their way in for the ride?
Motor, Motor, I'd be lost at any other speed
Motor, Motor, In my space is the place for me
People try
crack the sky and get lost in space
Oh, breakaway

Oh, breakaway
I can almost hear her say
The world is such a stupid place
We'll crack the sky
moments gained, all hope forever lost 
One moment's space, one moment's final fall from grace 
Burnt by fire, blind in sight, lost in ire 

We'll hoist
would say I'd understand.
Is it a virtual design?
Are we launched into a time beyond time.
space beyond space.
We are lost her in this cyberworld.
bright with you by my side

Nothing like the rain, nothing like the rain
When you're in outer space, when you're in outer space
Nothing like the rain,
to the
Lost continent of Atlantis.
So the answers are given in the past,
Somewhere in the infinity of space and time.
Time is running short, loosing life support 
Lost in space
Lost in space above all drifting
To a place where planets shifting
The moon erased, it's features lifting
The glare

But I am the stuff of happy
a disease 

Shoot the bad guys 
And I'll gladly sing a tune for you 
Lost in space-we could be free 
Let go, let God they say 

I do believe but not in
Nonexistent in this place
Situated in parallel space

Constant flux
Warping all that spins throughout
Sharing outer valence shells
In another time and place
There awaits a sweet embrace
Where stains on hearts just fade away
Replaced with hopes lost from today
Bound by love