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to paint the picture your mind being the canvas
I take you spiritually high, your plane never be landing
No navigation locating that spot
When I hit that
The FEMA plans to imprison American citizens have generated
A lot of interest around the country
In locating the potential prison camps throughout
to crack the case
Are better off locating someone else
I spent a day on my New York shit
Didn't even meet them once
And I am not upset I'm just another
Spy operations, we locating the wealth first
The projected holograms, were a scam that were recognized from jump
Giving the illusion of some
Or giving a monkey a shower
Surfing tidal waves, creating nanobots,
Or locating Frankensteins brain,
Finding a Dodo bird, painting a continent,
Or driving our
To backspin speakin' spic spans off spills of crack bins
So get your action. Right locating jaws draw. 
Bite mars is mourned warned rating. 
Torn wound
you know they

We will stiffen to fossils at re-acquaintance
Governed as artifacts are
If I brake I'll emerge without torque
Un-locating a mark
So I
We’ll separate our time and places.
Locating soon our hands and faces. 
But by the time the space runs thin, well be starting there again. 
And well
and roller skates and even just bare feet
It's also
Surfing tidal waves, creating nanobots
Or locating Frankenstein's brain
Finding a dodo bird, painting
tearin' up the pumps 
re-locating all the cups and plates 
dislocatin' shoulders 
heavin' piles of boulders 
through the windows 
with big iron crates
with moldering pus
A mass of gelatinized forensick liquidity
Locating my trocar, the tool of my trade
Emaciated fingers nimbly find what I need

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