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and older

And always a little further out of the way

You look into her eyes and it's more than your heart will allow

In August and everything after, you
offended by Chri-biip-mas?
You know you might offend the biiiip and the biiiip and the atheists.
Time to politically correct.

I'll lead this off.
All about forgiveness and grace
Tell me one more time about Jesus
Lord, I need just a little more faith

I walked by the church Sunday mornin'
I slipped
Shake that body in the name of Jesus
Shake that body in the name of Jesus
A salvation time gonna sing a little song. 

Everybody has to know,
Andrew Lloyd Webber is doing the lights
It's twice a night for twenty-five nights
One more litle line, then everyone back to mine
Jesus in Vegas, taking
little hut I'll just let it be
Lord Jesus is building a mansion for me.

Each day I am getting more ready to go
He's cleansing my sins more whiter than
Jesus loves me I can feel it in my soul

There's a long and windin' road that I long once more to travel
There's a home place in my heart sittin' high
little then he'd ask for more

In the month of August the boss man told us
No union man for him could work
We stood by Larkin and told the boss man
And say all your prayers
For little old me
Jesus, you
Wipe the tears from her face
And the sound of his voice
Family life
Yeah, yeah
Jesus is building a mansion for me

A mansion for me (a mansion for me)
A mansion for me (a mansion for me)
Built by my Lord beyond Calvary
But my little
his weed
Kirby don't like his attitude he's cocky now believe
So again he palms him off with more twigs and fuckin' seeds

But Chris ain't havin'
All about forgiveness and grace
Tell me one more time about Jesus
Lord, I need just a little more faith

I walked by the church Sunday mornin'
I slipped
kinda way
I take a little comfort from that (now & then)

'Cause people often talk about being scared of change
But for me I'm more afraid of things
riding between my brother and sister 
In the back seat of a '67 Buick station wagon 
With red vinyl seats 
We stick by each other 
And to those seats
victim of Lucifer's lies
But then in steps Jesus,
All men were created to lead but we needed somebody to lead us
More than a teacher,
But somebody to buy
a home no more (I'll be sixteen in August)
Since Mama broke her soul (I like to sing in chorus) 
Daddy's gone (My name is La Tonya) 
Mama lost her job
tongue is more like a permanent marker so
So every time I tell a story from my dream the further
You overwhelmed by the secrets learned
Sweetheart I'm
the USA
Oh, just a little bored in the USA
Save me, white Jesus
Bored in the USA
Oh, they gave me a useless education
And a subprime loan
I want to walk a mile in your shoes, Jesus
Do what you do, go where you go

[Chorus: ]
 He was more than a little unusual
I tell ya, He was more
need each other more than ever, don't leave me by myself..

Young Chris... (check it)
Young Neef..
Together for ever, Neef & see
I give
know more that I do

Say farewell to L.A
And your little coat of blue
'Cause meanwhile
Back in Memphis, girl
Our mama prays for you

All the way from
blue eyed girl
She said "no more"
That blue eyed girl
Became blue eyed whore
Down by the water
I took her hand
Just like my daughter
I'll see her
have won with only a little more time
And looking back down the pages of history
The greatest influence for good there ever was Jesus
And his spite
A new king born today,
And man will live forever more,
Because of christmas day.

While shepherds watched their flocks by night,

Them see a bright
[Verse 1]
It was a hot night in August, (hot August night), humid
Hit the store to get some O.J. to shroom with
Ooh shitty, I'm in the world's

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