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Killa! Baby!
Kanye this that 1970s Heron flow huh?
Yeah let's speed it up

Ayo street mergers I legislated
The nerve I never hated
On murders
they don't know we fixing to kill the game this year)
(Killa, ye, come on)

Uh uh aiyyo street mergers I legislated
The nerve I never hated
You explained it to me I must admit
But just for the record you were talkin' shit
Y'all rap about no knock bein' legislated
For the people you've
And express in 140 characters or less
Why I'm the best educator, re-legislated, premeditated
Dedicated, heavy weight that ever paid it with blood
will survive 

You who smile back legislated
You who made me stupid hatred

You who made me
We'll bow down to no other one
The Father and His Son
They can't deny what He's created
Most wars never should have been thought
But this is
and excuse

Constant anxiety - panic is near - living in fear
Legislated passion - prenuptial agreements
Ugliness as fashion - prophylactic demons
Your needs blocked
Your sexuality legislated
Your dreams your right to dreams, stolen [stolen! stolen! stolen! stolen!]
You are being criminalized
picture or the future of our children.
Selfish suicide, selfish suicide.


The United States of America taxed and legislated itself both
almost trust your legislated lies

Tales of worship preached on our screen
Proclaiming cleric words of disbelief
Convincing and forsaking to achieve

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