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You can hypnotize me later
And we'll sail into the heavens
And our love will be the leaven
As we dance among the craters
But if I should leave
So many seasons
But never gotten my religion
No man can answer my question
What reason love's end is leaven?
And where the fxxken god is going
He has
Here we see the two Miss Leavens
Each girl was 16 years old
Kylie died in a car crash in Iowa
Harriet in an 1815 portrait from Connecticut
to do
I've been love without you

I don't care what' you been doing
Just come back home
Darlin' your leaven my life to ruin
I'm so all alone

struggle I hadn't mastered
I choreograph seven steps to heaven
In hell, waiting to exhale and make the bread leaven
Veteran of a cold war It's Chica-I-go
broad, broad road
That lies across the lily leaven?
That is the road to wickedness
Though some call it the road to heaven.'

'Don't you see yon
the door spooked like I was Wes Craven 
You need to do more deletin and less savin 
A praise in hell, raisin heaven 
Like the bill on my pager leavens
leaven, the Kingdom is yours & it's the Kingdom of Heaven.

Rejoice & be happy when they revile you, just like the Savior told us to do.
Rejoice & be glad
leaven, the Kingdom is yours & it's the Kingdom of Heaven.

Rejoice & be happy when they revile you, just like the Savior told us to do.
Rejoice & be
leaven death inside of our living room
And instead of college they got us slangin after highschool
For the love of the money and everything that it will
With neither praise nor blame.
There's still time for heaven,
Though we're already there.
The daily bread will leaven
All hope, all pain, all care.
face I know everybody they die 
for a reason you think my cousin Chuck with his last breath 
wanted a hit of Gin before leaven or if Momo was still liven
We're gonna do it tonight
Don't worry bout a thing
It's OK, its alright
We're gonna do it tonight

Whateva we do ain't leaven here
I got
There's no way I can move unless You choose to do something
This life, this life is so heavy, lost my son, he in heaven
I was chasing this leaven hanging
The athiest prays
Anarchist a dials nine-'leven
Existence betrayed
Y'all know it don't take much leaven

Anonymous souls
Transcendental copies
Before the beginning of years
There came to the making of man 
Time with a gift of tears 
Grief with a glass that ran 
Pleasure with pain for leaven
rises, I will not see (sun)
My reward to be free and alone
Leaven now at the pillar, blindfold at sunrise
Hearing the drums of Catalan
Another consumption of pain
Another leaven of dismay
Glutton for relief
Disorderly you find
Perishment is choice
Than a wretched life
Mack 10's
Bust 32 times
And niggas who ain't in it gettin shot by
Standards on the block
Smokin like bomb
Fools given up they cell
Gettin sideways leaven
sold out seats, leaven clubs in the SUV's

Stretched out limousines from the source to the lowride magazine
How Arizona not on the map if I put it
told to Israel
Exodus from Egypt, Christ foretold in the passover
Romevo the leaven, true repentance
A thief on the cross, Jonah's second chance

[even when I made you mad]
I Know you're never coming bak[always stuck around]
Yes I know you're never coming bak

All dose late nights leaven you home
the church, kill the priest
Leaven them in grief
Unlike their saviour they'll die with no cross
Shown their mortality they'll know who is boss

Destroy their
Und's zu spät war als ich es erkannte
Was da schon passiert war
Früher wollt' ich auch durchgehend dissen und leaven
Heute möcht' ich gern die

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