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to you
Oh baby you leaved me alone
Oh baby you leaved me with rum
Oh baby my days are gone
Oh baby you leaved me in my doom
I don't wanna take you out
that you see
Ive been so lost since you leaved

It wasn't me
It wasn't me
It was my vice
Im not the one that you see
Ive been so lost since you leaved
one night, one time with me
Just slid, just served, didn't fucked, just leaved
Want pills, want po', got q's, got p's
On this side, hit my line, what
a dream.
Every thing you want not to remember
Leaved behind sense, behind fear
Leaved behind sense behind your fear,
Leaved behind sense, behind fear
the night of this town

Do you want to stay with me
Do you want to stay with me
To see the stars above this town

You've leaved me
Without say any word
Moonlit walked past privet and wide-leaved foliage)

I'll tell you of the rats in this world
Fawning in place with The Face
Men coming between each
""Your love  leaved me alone
Cause I don't know  why all seems 
so wrong 
Your love leaved me alone and 
everyday I'm trying to take control 
believe in you but your hurt my mind
I'll be leaved by you And I start to cry

I believe in you now
I'll be leaved by you now
I believe in you now
I'll be
a sweetheart and now I have none
He's a-gone and he's leaved me, he's a-gone, deceived me
He's a-gone and he's leaved me in sorrow to mourn

One night in sweet
wouldn't find out that you lied
When I filled in the gap
I had climbed up and leaved you (Had climbed up and leaved you)

I could do bad on my own
I don't
I'm sorry you leaved her
I hope it'll be ok
You know that I'm here too
I'm sorry you leaved him
I don't know what to say
I've heard that we are two
had a subpoena
You was so pressed like you work for the cleaners
I never played Ike and you never played Tina
When you felt salty, I up'd and leaved you
to reach what I believe in 

No one will cry on my grave 
But I have leaved a trace to be remembered 
All these words I need to say 
I'm lost forever here,
Baby, you leaved me...
You leaved me alone.

For all this time I never thought I would be like this again.
And time is a funny thing, it makes you
in da same I do,
Nothing's gonna stop me cuz you are ma boo,
All my nicest moments I leaved dem close to you,
Baby, baby come back cuz I needing you
Long time ago, when the light wasn't born
There leaved a species in darkness
Where too powerful for the world that was sworn
Which lead us discover
When we ran around, high on innocent cries
Uhm, I could've hold it on
But I let it loose early
Oh, I shouldn't have leaved alone
Cause I missed you
Remember Me
When He Says He Loves You
Remember Me
(Oh) Remember me
That day you said loved him more me
I was disgusted of that feeling while you leaved
were before,
How could I be the one, to rip into your mind
And leaved you ripped and torn
And I'm sure that it hurts
But I've been taken one too many
esconde debajo e mi piel
A lot of them leaved me but that's not a loss
I know my value they can get lost
My actions speak louder than most of your words
of past love
belief, dream and you
life is alway behind
of you rpromise to me 
but you leaved with my living
anyway I will live without you
life is
how you just walked out and leaved
I know I've been here before
I should have known how to read your signs
I won't let you waste no more time

your name and starvation you are
Your presence my body has leaved
Your weight on my shoulders I've carried through times
No mercy you've given to me
pine box 

Shock, it's a shock, trees in lee never leaved armies
Shock, it's a shock these trees
Shock, it's a shock, trees in lee never leaved bits

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