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Please don’t try to reach me
Everybody leaching
I just need take things slow
Please don’t try to reach me
Everybody leaching
I just need take things
leaching get sprayed with some off
From up nawf but ima taking the south
She back talk dick her mouth
Woke up brush my teeth
Than hit my routes
These Niggas
Am done
With fake


Am done
With fake

They leaching
One the ni**a
For the figures×2

Am done
With fake
Shit I been peeping out
I caught em leaching out
Let's get it
Shit ive been peaping out
I kno alotta niggas
a leaching ass bitch I can spot u from a mile away 
Fucking all the homies but u still trying to call me bae 
You the type to set me up n let em run up in
(Yeah Yeah)
Yung B killed this one
Tell me she love me ain't lovin no treesha (Yeah)
For this money I'm chasin I can't keep a leaching hoe (Yeah)
damn feature
Bitch move some no leaching
If you doubted me stop breathing 
I know ah bad bitch she anemic  

Come catch her she's fallen
If you doubted
to the meaning of life.
Try to find a reason to fucking die for.
Parasite leaching on me.
A mother fucking parasite leaching on me.
Draining me of all life.
was leaching to)
Cause my pride
(Wouldn't allow me to make peace with you)
When I'm gone
(Don't say I changed, I always speak the truth)
When I'm gone
How you try’n knock my dreaming When you’re sleeping
Rap game full of sucker niggas and They’re leaching
Niggas try’n stop my dribble but They’re
feelings, nigga ain no sap
Had to pop my shit, I heard niggas been speaking on me
Cut some niggas off, I heard that they been leaching on me
He got wacked, I
Ain't no fuck niggas allowed in my circle cause niggas be leaching
I was down on my ass I was deep in the ocean a nigga was sinking
Used to pop like
Apply the pressure
I'm comin for mine
I ain't stopping for non
Give a fuck who you are
Nigga be leaching, I cut em
You benched from the team
I need
Watch your fucking tone shut the fuck up stop speaking
When a nigga up you gone see who really leaching
Sell that bitch a dream let that bitch keep
always get the leaching
Pray that my niggas live they lives large
Pray I see 21 before my day falls
Always been one to lead so I stay strong
Blood in my
you leaching me out right now
You taking me out right now
You fucking me up right now
Hennessy believe me Hennessy
Mix it up with energy you taking me
People be leaching and praying for fans
I just want money so tall it can’t stand
I wanna go and get lit in japan
Chick in my DM she said she from France
Yea, yea, yea
Why these hatin' ass
Leaching bitches
Always on my back tho
Like I don't got bitches
That will drag they ass like Django
I ain't even
Feening for the cash
I was probably leaching to the past 
You could go wherever with that ass
You don't need a backstage pass
How I'm supposed
these lil' hoes they be leaching
They say that it's cheaper to keep her, it's cheaper to leave her
Italian linen I'm clean as the preacher
Cap in these
that that be leaching, I'm above what you're seeing

This a free-throw shot with my eyes closed
Run a hundred yard touch down with a blind fold
We could
Failing my classes ion fw d teacher
Pops sed hustle so it ain't no leaching
I want all smoke ion smoke but im chiefin
We slide on his block my
and put my people on
Keep a heater on for them snakes and them boy who be leaching on
Say you a OG wtf is you teach them
Better listen up and understand
big money hold bricks in your hand
Rocking designer supreme is the brand
Im tired of bitches that wait for chance
They leaching off money the leach off

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