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Straight complicated
Stuck rotating
Through the faces they see
And it's frustrating when they're labelling me 
I'm just a normal average person
The likes
less alone with ya
In control with ya
But I don't really think we should be 
Labelling or naming
I just want to roll with ya
Yeah I'll grow with ya
But I
needing to reach a certain destination within this meditation.
Welcome everything you were feeling into your awareness. Simply watch them without labelling
The voluntary labelling is not censorship...
Bend up and smell my anal vapor!
The voluntary...voluntary...voluntary... not censorship...
I ain't ever gonna fail this quest
To the top, 'till I'm killing who they're labelling best
I cannot give it up, I got this fire in my chest
I won't
cigars out
When we should really meditate and let our scars out
Instead we’re bottling it up, and then we’re labelling it up
And having babies and we’re
to the fire revolt a lil louder, if not then get outta the room
My lady was labelling evil all over my face, she antagonised
Just cuz I pull out so slowly, but
Your conscience is recording the breakages and misreporting
Listing all the evidence, labelling the pathogens
This concrete strips away my
don't try to get on the wrong side of wrath

Propaganda 'bout us on notice boards
Labelling us as some evil fugitives of the law
I implore every holy
a couple months she'll feel the same and feel it more
So labelling won't permanently fix what she's felt before
Oh my lord
I'm being blamed for some shit
Digging further downward
Labelling myself a coward
Posturing imposter
Folds before the river

Obstacles to navigate
But it's so dark
And I can't see
says the voice in my brain 
They all keep on just labelling me, selling me, hiding their eyes 
But when demons arise 
I cannot escape from my own mind
or believe. The mirror's cracked
And labelling each shard of glass 
Can only serve to divide us
Clearly, see we're not enemies
Choosing a side leaves
You blind

It will be time for labelling and packing
and ship them straight to unemployment

Be amazed by our methodical knowledge dissemination
With this
Examine our uncanny knack for labelling 
Which inevitably will bring the hatred in 
Animosity between races and creeds 
Religions, politicians, states,
getting drunk again
Labelling names on the bottles on the shelf, uh

You'll get yours
You'll get yours
You'll get yours
You'll get
That was given to me
Stole that from my family
I bought that
I'm labelling the stuff I got
Figuring what I've lost
I'm looking into boxes
(Bop bop a shoo be doo be wop)

Don't you go labelling me
I will bite and I will bark

Yanno I am the underdog 
These teeth I will cut
Yes I am
and Sureshkumar for false labelling them.
This as The Panchayat's order.
At the same time, we request to consider this a chance to realise Nagalingam's mistake..
been with me from the start
Know how it feels when you've been on your arse
Can't believe they're labelling me as a plant
Got me conflicted
Cah that

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