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Mama look out for down below
Get the show on the road
I's the feeling we're under
You can feel it right down

One of these
The knucklebones tossed in a spin,
There were silver songs on her skin.
And she wasn't caring when the ship came in.

And the lady from
swift slashing swings of severe blunt-force kindness.
Knucklebones' crystalline collisions crash as physiologic thwaps and thumps of kindness.
knucklebones, the meat into meat

They're stomping their boot on the face of the land
A fire burns inside, revealing a plan

Hell and high water they caught us by
a creature stirs
A groggy voice all knucklebone
While feelings flood with the warmth of our blood
The more we know, the better we fuck!
I am the heroine, I am
I don't wanna spend my precious time,
sleeping in this bed alone.
Cuz I can feel your heat when I close my eyes,
frying every knucklebone.
What good's hanging in heaven
With who did that to him?

Quit praying to the knucklebones
Of skeletons you never met
They don't grant wishes
They excrete
the devil
We're gonna wrestle the devil, tonight

This far and no further, dead man
Smell the odor of my contest oil
Knucklebones of chimeras

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