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sons that I'm yet to conceive
I got a kingdom, that I'm yet to have Kinged
I got to know what it feels to be free

I'd die a failure if I didn't gain all
like checkers and chess
I went to school and took the lessons punk
Know a pawn get kinged, a bishop get juiced

A rook get jumped
Faggot niggas took
and chess
I went to school and took the lessons punk
Know a pawn get kinged, a bishop get juiced
A rook get jumped
Faggot niggas took the easy route
the ruins like we're staggering apes.
What we get is what we take
In a split open place where a man can get kinged
In a palace of panic and flames
Kinged on the bal-cony than Abernathy
John Kennedy in the lap of Jackie
I pen a sentence, spin English, make my critics skittish
Board a plane in
and the kids will follow
You ask to be kinged
But yawl steady stressing over models
While I got my hand on the wheel and taking life by the throat full throttle
I'm her worst nightmare but I don't sweater like Freddy
Play the strings like I'm B.B., Martin Luther just kinged me
Talk to him through the Quija,
the message
Let your soul shine through
And be you-tiful
Without feeling any effort
I ain't smiled in a while
But it's easy when you're around
I ain't kinged
a picture Picasso
You'll never see my castle
I mean my casa
See you later manana 
Posted up at the villa
Kinged up Attila 
Stay down for my day ones cause
She don't fuck with niggas so I rodney king'ed her with the night stick

Look at you, look at me
Look at your life
What do you see huh
Look at your life
last chick was fine yo
High school is when we linked up
Been getting money now we kinged up
He play them chords, them chords
It’s a good look with these
is kinged
Tone down
Restructure the make up of space
To find a place in the end of a reign
first date an office party it seemed
But it looked kinda like a prom
And i knew something was going on 
When i was kinged and she was queened

But i'm not
out of it
The tragic way that my life probably should have gone
Until I kinged myself and realized that I ain't a pawn
When I was young yo know they
doing good
Watching cartoons make me go up under the hood
I saw a shade tree one time, grab and hold his part
He turned on the ignition and "Don Kinged
Who gon run this shit now
After I burn it all down
Who king'ed you and gave you that crown
Fraudulent shit's not allowed
Won't you go and run
right I came with the clean
You got twenty-four hours to pay what you owe or get Martin Luther Kinged
Bitch I'm a king, never underestimate a nigga you
When you wake up in your dream
And you don't remember what it means
You go looking to the sky
Asking why

Look your throne is over-kinged
is couldn't tell where he was but kinged up I can see where I'll be
See fractions be how I speak
To convey my thoughts how I see
All of the world that
Portion Control?
The Jester Kinged us all
It wasn't no trouble
Til we recieved that call
Party til dawn
Until the Death's card been drawn
And after
get busy in my city should of kinged me from the rip
This that hard coca flow, I got Whitney in my spit
This that raw overload, like I'm pushing out
So lemmie make it clear ndio dunia iweze skia
Nitakuvisha ring ju hukuniringia
My heart is in your hands, you're the only queen that kinged me
They kinged me naive
Now I keep the nightlight on and watch the sweat drip from the ceiling

These summer nights
The streetlights burst flames
since birth been fighting for the crown
Now all of the sudden they kinged these clowns
All because a real ruler wasn't around
It's time for me

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