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Jynx IV  


backchodi knacks I did that
Meri baat chord
Tu toh Varun jaise karta overact
Mera naam hai Bob Jynx
Aur mere paas hai bohot kinks
Mere naam hai Bob Jynx
X keeps it gutta and his dogs are no different
You gotta respect the line...
First out the kennel, Jynx reppin straight
We caught you lackin', damn that's a shame
Coldest white boy in this motherfucking game
(New York in this bitch we boutta' hit a beat switch)
I am a Jynx
I am clumsy
I live a life
Harder than you think

I don't get it
Why me?
I'll just keep rocking
I can't see
The lucky number 13
Has no
Hold on a minute - there's still at least a hundred and twenty-seven more 

Including Ledyba and Omastar 
Jynx, Bellossom and Magmar 
Jynx me something crazy 
Thinking if it's three 
Then I'm as smooth as the skin 
Rolls across the small of your back 
It's too bad it's not my
Ninjas and Trolls make this unique what
Turtles in the sewers bumping Stir Crazy and Jynx huh
Ahead of our time its like the music was born sooner
I'm that
they can do is hop in a ring
And I'm rapping my ass off with all of my Cuban Links
And the beat by LinXX
Say you'll win, be sure to jynx
Rap a whole
Impacted me
We'd compete on the low set nights I was up writing I was Lacking sleep
If we're talking music If it weren't for drazy Kb Ky Porter Jynx
the match
Rage around I'm bound to crash, no more Jynx I'm free at last
Every tune on this ep reflects my present state
I was just with Jynx and Drazy recorded all night it was very late
It's like me and this mic
perfil de jynx maze
Baby estoy a fuego y ahora
Vamos ponle play
Más, más, más x atrás
Más, más, más x atrás
Más, más, más x atrás
Más, más
X Atrás
wanna jynx this up and call it love but I think that we're in love
But I don't know what to call it
I love our chemistry
I love our energy
They say that
waiting on me to pull up, The doors unlocked when I arrive
Her legs tatted, her hairs curled, She in boy shorts n thigh highs
He ass fat like Jynx Maze,
She got me tongue twisted like peter piper
She the one no room for another
You got me under your spell, I'm Jynx'd
This voodoo you know the voodoo
(It's your boy)
(King Kiba)
(Tribe OF The Fang)
(Tribe OF The Fang)
(Sharp!) (Yeah)
Niggas is hating
They hating on me
O'lovely Olivia
Chi me ne priva è il piu deleterio
Dammi Alexis Texas Jynx Maze Naomi Russel Monica Santiago
Jenny Hendrix
E faccio un BOOTYferio!
Serio il
в руках, я твой любимый маньяк
Если сердце можно изъять, я узнаю вас наизнанку 

Через 20 минут я должен выйти на сцену
Но д##чу в туалете с Jynx
a fuck
You're like a Jynx bitch the way you giving lip
Don't ever give reason to go Elmer Fudd on all your loser buds cos you should know I will
Who’s that minx at the dinner table?
Jynx if I put a label on it
No can’t put no label on it
And I’m not too sure
If she wants to do more with me
Gardevoir is my hm slave
HM as in Horny Minx
She never misbehaves
I'm whoring shinx
You're a boring Jynx
You know we gotta sell those Poketwinks
You know I'm
keep me warm
But I know that won’t come true
Cause I jynx myself it’s what I’m used to
All I want all I want is you right next to me
All I want all I
now niggas can read ,
we've broken the jynx

What they wanted,
to deny our
freedom to think..
For ourselves,
""how can a slave dream big""
Keep em poor
her out get her weed & expensive gifts 
all i need in return is yo lips on my dick
and let the jynx goose from the back holding ya hips
for our future

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