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The tarot is fate, said the gypsy queen
And she beckoned me; to glimpse my future she?d seen

She said

Gypsy to Jonathan:
Do you
still a rebel to this day
A true inspiration for the youth of today.
So I say to everybody come and pay your respect
To Willie Nelson and think where
purring in the sun 
Just as dangerous as a child with a gun 
Shooting me down 

Oh my melody, my Melody Nelson 
Still playing hurting games for fun
Tom T Hall is forty now and so is Bobby Bare
Willie Nelson's gettin' grey and Faron Young don't care
But the young ones keep on coming on the old
the park, just dancin' in the rain.
Hook me with this fix, and look to drain my aim,
Some never retain what wouldn't suck from your veins. 

[Tre:] So
Melody Nelson
Forever purring in the sun
Just as dangerous as a child
With a gun, shooting me down

Oh my Melody mine
Melody Nelson
Still playing
Melody Nelson
Forever purring in the sun
Just as dangerous as a child
With a gun, shooting me down

Oh my Melody mine
Melody Nelson
Still playing
And at lounch I gave your best friend a call
He told me that he'd love me for so long now
He's been waiting for you to leave that's all
By the time
People lined for miles
Just to see 'em

Jim Croce's in the corner
The Big Bopper's by the stairs
Ricky Nelson's in the kitchen
But nobody cares
(hello). Jonathan has
problems. Twisted neck, tangled legs, crooked spine, but we can heal
this boy. For just, uh, six thousand dollars, we can heal this
Chorus: Mourn, England, mourn and complain;
For the brave Lord Nelson's men,
That died upon the main.
My parents could not endure my love,
Because he was so
it every time

Well, I asked a young policeman
If he'd only lock me up for the night
Well, I've had pigs in the farmyard
Some of them, some
You're through with your cars (nyaah), your house, your money (nyaah) 
It's just for now doesn't sound funny (nyaah...nyaah)
Your wife, your kids your
Louder in our ears every night When Laura and Danny broke up She set her sights on Billy Stone Well, I had just split from Jonathan So by chance, I was all
of pantyhose 

My basketball coach, 
He just kick me off the team 

For wearing high heels sneakers, 
And acting like a queen 

Gonna tie my pecker
Sold myself out for a pocket lies
Into the sea you threw us into the sea
Took yourself out on a holiday
Pay the way I always pay the way
four Velours, withdrawals by Michael Kors
And I watch a pretty penny I'm talkin hundred or more
My critique for 'leet, not for the cheap
And my money
Jonathan it's late, don't you think that I should go
Naw we were just starting to talk now,
It was just getting good don't you know.

But if I
I've got somebody to hold me

And when I want more holding I can ask for more
And sometimes
Sometimes I'm just plain
But, I'm not used
shoes from my feet
Take all of my worldly possessions away
Just leave me my Bible a date I must keep
It's homecoming in heaven for me
I'll kiss my old
This cruel world just ain't for me
I wanna cry, you see

I gotta go dwarf tossin'
Midget bowlin'
I gotta go dwarf tossin'
Midget bowlin'
I gotta
But I guess my favorite would be the CDB

Yes there's a few good rockers in New York City
Guess the big la, it never cared for me
I always heard that his herb was top shelf
People, I just could not wait to find out for myself
Now can't knock it till you've tried it and I've
(Jonathan Kingham & Mark Erelli)

She was the parson's only daughter
And a poor sharecropper's dream
Her voice as sweet as falling water
I remember that I found you
Just waiting in the dark
Took me to the river where we always fell apart
And we lay amongst the rocks naked in the sand