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Them in control try to poison us
They see our joyfulness as a threat
But I won’t let em toy with us
Them in control try to poison
full of innocence, so full of joyfulness in a world that?s so unkind
You are the cure for it

I can see you in the summertime
On the shoulders of a giant
Furaha (Swahili phrase for Joyfulness)
Think what it means to love
Think of the lotus
there that I'll find
In a peace not warm
And dreams that I let slip away
I'll find the joyfulness I'm looking for
Way back in yesterday

Why can't each
full of innocence, so full of joyfulness in a world that?s so unkind
You are the cure for it

I can see you in the summertime
On the shoulders of a giant
You are the key to my happiness lock out the loneliness
Bring back the joyfulness open up my heart
Show me true love again love me like you did
learn to live as one
Praise to God for my love
Joyfulness within
This is righteous, pure, blissful, secure
I’m suffering from irritation
He isn’t here
I've been waking up
To the breaking of my other half
And I've been taking in
The joyfulness of what's began
Writing hymns to which belong
A greater
and built upon 
Wood and nails gripped with joyfulness
So send me out, within Your ways
Knowing that the task is finished

The dead will rise and give You
and more

Only inside yourself
Can you find true happiness

Love and happiness 
Peace and joyfulness
Like u be chilling wid friends and families
and the desired
Ver reducit gaudia,                    spring brings back the joyfulness
purpuratum                               violet flowers
floret pratum,
Of youth bright future confidence

I sing this tune
Tthis is what I do

I, always love to clap my hands
Into the beat beat beat
First i gotta say I've been through an endless spinning hell
When you were around my life was such a pretty mess
A daily blend of joyfulness
Go and find the hidden spring
Drink of its sweet waters
Fill your heart with joyfulness
And fill your soul with light
Cherish well the hidden spring
She bring us happiness, Love and joyfulness
She always sleeping in my arms
With her innocents smile
I'll be your guarding Angel, in this life
You better start to open your way to it (Grooving)
The sooner the better we get into the matter
Experience will open your senses
Joyfulness on your
that we cannot retake, in position, get in place
Abundance that is plentiful, examples observational
Joyfulness obtainable, experience the seasonal
The game began with an
Innocent joyfulness
Free from structure
Rules limitations and
All regulations
Improvisation and dancing
Were engulfing
Snow has fallen, sleigh bells calling
Joyfulness fills the air
Daddy's beaming, Momma's singing, caroling all the day
Never have a worry, there's no
Let it all out, said it aloud, set it about
Bet you fall out, in for the clout, what you're about
Turn it around, burned to the ground, curtains go
Tearing up when I heard they pulled the plug on milli
Didn't believe when I heard that nyiker died in his sleep
Joyfulness when I heard that I be out in
moment, cause its mine

And the happiness and joyfulness 
Grow within my mindfulness, which all contain my es
And the things that I can see today
You might as well fill your heart and soul with a song 
Of love and help and health and joyfulness and laughter 
Cuz that's all this skin and bones
it be someday you'll be Mines yes you'll see the Happiness the joyfulness it's Passionate for you bae

If you want2 I can love you Baby I trust you

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