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Said you got champagne in your room for me and you
Yeah, you're the after-party (Party, party)

Girl, you can call the shots like Jell
jealous and jaded I'm jealous and jaded
Not man enough to say it
But I'm jell jell jell jell jell jealous
Look I’m jealous I finally said it
You not

I like my yummy yellow (yellow)
And that ass feel like Jell-O (Jell-O)
Shorty lightskin and tatted (tatted)
Ass fat, so I grabbed it
I like my bitches redbone, ass fat, Jell-O
Lightskin, yellow, iced out, hello
I'm the king of New York, Melo
Black hair by the Regis and Pello
Throw my head and it spin like a yo-yo
You take my hand the whole world goes Jell-o
Mess each run straight to zero
No meet the ground, we don't
Melo (yeah, yeah)

My car is red and my diamonds yellow
I shoot like I'm Melo, her booty like Jell-O
You are not my mans, nigga, you're not
turn Jell-O
I don't want your bitch she ghetto, you know whats in my cup thats why I'm so mellow
She's Jason Derulo 'cause she ride me solo, Im fuckin yo
This is Ice-T
I'ma slow it down for a minute
I want to talk to all the ladies out there
I got my man J-e-l-l in the house
I got a message
jello. green jello. 
Hello, jello. green jello. 
Hello, jello. green jello. 
Green jello! green jello! 
Jell for the future. 
Jell for the future.
The anormal pitch I make
Bringing back to all the ghost in my head

On my grave
Written by cosmic dust
My last words
My last joke

Jell iea
I only
Tank top yellow
Ass is like Jell-o
She's my sparrow, the cupid to my arrow like
Ohh shit, I wasn't expecting you to do this
I done fell in love again
todos por dios
Y mís hitas
Jungle dance
Do the
Hepple Betty Cheppie Chop
Pelli el 
Jellies jell
She's a jezzle bell, ledro lete ok
Pitty pie
On my super
depends on the weather
Rolls-Royce truck pull up like, "Hello"
Pretty, tall, light skin, shake like Jell-O
If the bitch act bougie, I'ma take her
Jello, jello, jello, jello, jello
Jello, jello, jello, jello, jello
Jello, jello, jello, jello, jello
Jello, jello, jello, jello, jell
New jeep all yellow
And that bitch ass moving like Jell-O
New shoes. New cash. Crimin-ello
5-40 missed calls no 'hello'

I drip when I walk, like
She cus' a flood if you asking for tha juice
Shooting shots, think the banny bulletproof
You sure you no go jell if I pull in a coupe
All these
Ma mo ngue ma tel de lleno
Izy, uh, aaah...eeeh
Ma mo ngue ma tel de lleno
When na copy, copy... don't jell, nevo
Shout to my negges, de nevo
— Refrão 


Tirei a noite pra te ver dançar

Tu Rebolando em meio a fumaça

Eu tô pensando em fazer o tempo parar 

Eu tô querendo fazer o
some jell-o don't play me like a cello

She's my sunshine on my mind at all times
She's my whole life I want her to be all mine
Favorite color yellow it
your professor.
Pop quiz for the kids. Can you do this?
Didn't think so, watch it in slow-mo.

Get get like jell-o jell-o.
Dip dip make it ghetto ghetto.
as a penitentiary

For now we'll enjoy the food, but we'll meet here again some day
Please pass me the brain Jell-O
I just cant wait to decay with you for-ever

I don dey hear say e go better since i was born but government after government and Story continues
I don dey hear say e go better oo since i was
demons and I really can't ignore them
I keep on smoking Jell-O in an effort to explore them
The only thing that's helping is you walking thru the door, ugh
but be dumber than city pigeons
I'm just crafted way different just listen, uh-huh
I hardly pick up the telephone
But she got jiggle like jell

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