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a million leaks
it's home-sweet-home to ssome sweet arse freaks

slow down itinerant child, the road is full of danger
slow down itinerant child, there's no
Itinérant, j’ai tout mon temps
Itinérant, j’ai tout mon temps
Itinérant, j’ai tout mon temps

Dans un taxi, la nuit m’évite
Sur le ferry, la vie
à pas
Rattrape toujours celui qui fuit

J’étancherai ma haine
Je soignerai ma peine
Itinérant sans solde,
Toujours insatisfait
be the final say for a while

And in this sudden realization of completeness and wholeness
Being-Question-Answer named herself The Itinerant
and distorting visual display
And so
The Itinerant looked up for the first time
Hoping for some momentary reprieve
From the constant sickening motion
enough to choose)
Who we are
Who we are
Who we are

1 2 3 4 5
1 2 3 4 5
1 2 3 4 5

We were just kids
Just limited, misfit, itinerant
Outcasts singing 'bout
Or is he itinerant?
But I guess he's just a cog analyst
Guest informant, guest informant

Baghdad/Space Cog/Analyst.
I could not comprehend, I could
Lookin' good like you should, you're bad
An itinerant dimension mystic is your spirit see
Like color absolute bodiless, indeed
Casual kindred spirit past
could take you on?
Itinerant as the day is long
You won't go into the half of it, so I'm going to nitpick

The exegesis comes quick to whoever's less

The moon drew out memory
And left our shadows huddling.
Habitual itinerants, seasonal disaffectives
Loiterers wandering in the elements

Do you
in your mind
You're illiterate, itinerant
Downright inconsiderate the silence of Your ignorance confirms your lack of syllabus
What are we waiting for
Base, send me an itinerant (like me)

Here among the ruins, the city I called home
I can see the signs of better time that's gone
I can see the signs
On s'croit tous différents
Je change de style souvent artiste itinérant
Amour petit mais grand
T'observes un peu tu vois qu'on est pas si méchants
Trouver 5-6 musiciens
Je fais des sons très différents
Pour faire plaisir au public
En autobus, itinérant
Au stud, une dose d'insuline
Je vois au-d'là des
Touring itinerant music merchant with superlative rhymes none equivalent
Grandiloquent speech when I speak
My pen can put an x on him and him
itinerant strangers 
It's all a bit of a wheeze

Taking potshots at the latest proposals
Put it all in the bin, cos
Everything is coming up roses except for
The Libyan Fart Plaza was repurposed as a community recreation
centre, and its neon sign was sold to an itinerant junk dealer
who eventually
of a strange brood

Nothing had ever been mine

Odd bedfellows
Itinerant lovers
Errant hearts
Fallen nature's
Four Foul Humors

Crimes of Passion
Aujourd’hui j’arrête le Tour
Cela me semble curieux c’est mon tour
J’étais itinérant me voilà sédentaire
Avec parfois l’angoisse d’être
de Métier ne seront oubliés
Que si d’aventure ils sont bien pratiqués
Se hélant, s’apostrophant fraternellement
Nos Itinérants s’interpellent chemin
Comme un itinérant 
La boucle sera bouclée 
Quand mes origines et l'avenir ne feront qu'un 

Haki la faute si tout va bien 
Haki la porte si tu ne
Il est temps
Le flow est itinérant
J'ai la côte
Sur la côte des côtes
Mais c'est pas ma faute
Si ta sœur et ta gow m'écoute
Je me trouve laide 
Comme un itinérant qui traîne 
À la bibliothèque 
Je me trouve laide 
Comme un morceau de fuselage 
Qui gâche le noir du paysage
And even as you mutter so
Itinerant Arapaho
Still mourn the loss of the plains
So what are your pains amounting to
But overprivileged yells out

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