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A fresh pair of jeans, a nice clean shirt
I'm on my island in the sun shout out to Weezer
Who can you count on these days in 2017
Lil' nigga, big city,
thought I couldn't flow
To a track laid back by Kid Rock G
Now even white bitches in the subberbs they jock me
With a smile pow wow they want this getto
all three for getting down without a doubt
I'd like to give a extra special out to jet jaguar, the sun, moon and star

The monster island czars -
the sun rise 
Burn your enterprise today husbands and wives 
Become Bonnie and Clyde, carry 4-5's in these last days 
In time, same shit inside
In one line, a 3rd of earth and waters are gone
Check my vocal, more hotter than sun in Alcapulco
Normany inequite splitter, and ignorance get rid of
destroy this
You get ambushed, skate, try to avoid this
Side effects of, hot raps and hot tracks
A duffle bag full of guns son, dipped in black
My culture,
to old men in retirement homes
Dail 9-1-1 runnin gun in the street dungeon
Earth, moon and stars checkin out what the sun done
Suspects change clothes
the street dungeon
Earth, moon and stars checkin out what the sun done
Suspects change clothes
Before I leave the heat, I put two in rain grove for my range
Telling tales of trails left by the gods
Through the center of the sun when they passed the spot
Jesus Christ was really an ancient astronaut
bathe in the wake to baptize your crew
When I'm down by the river, bangin' from Sydney
Hand on my outboard fangin' my dinghy
Streams run free, all over
Man I kick shit daily
See the scene change flip backgrounds
Roll the rim of the island and put my tracks down
Tight linguistics quite descriptive
the coldest one
Put my hand in the air and I froze the sun
Got the platinum plaque, not the golden one
And I look at y'all like I told ya uhh
Been a boss,
you bump that 
Track by Lootpack, ya like "They off the hook, cat" 

[Wild Child] 
Focus, Wild Child representative of hip hop, top 10 niggas get

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